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5 New Years Resolutions That Will Make Your House Sell Faster in 2017

Posted by Linda Scarberry on January 10, 2017 at 1:42 PM

The new year has arrived, and whether they are willing to admit it or not, just about everyone is making resolutions about what they are going to do differently this year. Some people are anxious to change their appearance, others are eager to improve their financial situation, and some people are committing to spending a little more time enjoying the important things in life.

New-Years-Resolution.jpgIf selling your house is high on the list of things you would like to accomplish in 2017, there is no reason that anything should stand in your way. That’s why we took some time to collect five of the most common New Year’s Resolutions for 2017 and frame them in a way that will also help you sell your house faster in the coming year.

Eat Healthier

The number one most common New Year’s Resolution is to focus on eating healthy and avoid those foods that we know we shouldn’t be eating. Sticking to this resolution can actually help you sell your house in two different ways. First, by cooking healthy meals at home instead of going out to eat, you are going to keep your kitchen in tip-top working condition and avoid the dust and clutter that can build up when you aren’t using those appliances often enough.

And if any of those savory sweets that you are trying to avoid should happen to end up in your kitchen, you can use your New Year’s Resolution as an excuse to pass on them and leave them out for any guests that happen to attend your next open house!

Exercise More

The second most popular New Year’s Resolution almost always involves a commitment to exercise more. Not only will this force you to stop using that treadmill in the spare room as a clothes hanger, it will also give you way more energy and a clear mind to focus on the important details when it comes to getting your house ready to sell.

Going for a run or hitting the gym is also a great way to kill an hour when your agent schedules an appointment to show the house. Just keep your gym bag packed and ready at all times and you will get a bit healthier each and every time someone looks at your house.

Quit Smoking

This probably goes without saying in 2017, but houses that smell like smoke are always going to be much more difficult to sell. Even if you have been conscientious enough to make sure you smoke outside, the smell of smoke on your clothes has likely penetrated all of your closets and laundry rooms.

Kicking that habit will not only improve your personal life, it will also help you keep your house smelling fresh and clean, which will dramatically improve your chances of selling this year.

Spend Less, Save More

Another popular resolution that many people start their new year with is a commitment to saving money and avoiding spending it on frivolous expenses. Spending less money on junk that you don’t need leads to having less stuff overall to create clutter in your home. And since houses with less clutter are proven to sell faster, simply avoiding spending money on the things that clutter our homes is a great way to help them sell faster this year.

If you’d like to take that resolution to the next level, you could also collect some of the things that are cluttering up your home already and have a garage sale. The end result will be more money in your pocket and less clutter in your house. Talk about a win-win situation!

Spend More Time With Family

One thing that we all say we should do more often is spend time with the people we love. Spending time with our family can be as fun as we make it, no matter what task or activity we are talking about, so get your family excited about the idea of selling your house faster and schedule a weekly family time where everyone works together on a project that gets your house ready to sell!

If selling your house is high on the list of things you want to accomplish this year, commit yourself to a New Year’s Resolution that will actually help you accomplish that goal. Then you can be sure to enjoy the rest of 2017 in your new home with your new healthy habits!

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