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7 Gift Ideas That Will Increase Mom’s Home Value

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on May 6, 2016 at 1:07 PM

Did Mother’s Day sneak up on you again this year? As much as we love mom, somehow we always seems to put off getting a Mother’s Day gift until the very last minute. But don’t worry, because we’ve got some awesome ideas that will having you look like a world class son or daughter come this Mother’s Day weekend.

mothers-day-gifts.jpgThat’s right! Instead of getting your mom the same old flowers and taking her to Sunday brunch at the local country club, this is the year to get her the type of gift that will keep on giving all year long.

This is the year to get her a gift that will increase the value of her home.

Whether mom is actively looking to sell her home or you just want to help her with a small improvement project to make her life easier, here are seven simple ideas that she will definitely appreciate this weekend!

Home Improvement Gift Cards

Short on time? While they might have been viewed as “the easy way out” a few years ago, nothing says “I Love You!” in 2016 like gift cards.

Not only is grabbing mom a gift card to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot an easy way to cross that gift off your list, it will allow mom to invest in some type of household project that might return dividends for years to come.

Most of the big home improvement stores are going to have really cool packaging to wrap those gift cards in too, so you will definitely look like you spent some time thinking about this one. And if you want to take it to the next level, offer a few suggestions on spending the gift card and then donate a few hours of your time helping with whatever project she chooses.

Deep Cleaning Services

We’ve mentioned time and time again that the biggest thing anyone can do to make sure that their home sells fast is to clean it over and over again. One way to make this a little easier on mom, whether she is planning to sell or not, is to hire a professional cleaning service to pay big time attention to some aspect of the house.

One of the easiest ideas here is to hire a local carpet cleaning company to steam clean all of mom’s carpets, but you might also want to consider hiring her a standard cleaning service on a more regular basis too!

Mulchy Goodness

In addition to being a day devoted to mom, Mother’s Day also falls at the time when we are all getting our outdoor spaces ready to go for the year. If mom has a good bit of landscaping around the house, spreading fresh mulch is almost certainly a job that she absolutely dreads each and every spring. So make it easy for her this year and hire someone to take care of that job for her!

Of course, you could also hire someone to take care of all the other lawn care issues that mom usually handles on her own. Imagine the look on her face when your mother realizes she doesn’t have to worry about curb appeal this spring!

Paint A Room

One simple way to give mom a gift that she values way more than the actual price tag is to give one of the rooms in her house a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. Depending on the size of the room and the level of your painting skills, this can be a pretty low-cost project that doesn’t take up a ton of your time either. And you get bonus points if you happen to remove any old wallpaper in the process!

Cleaning Out Those Closets

If money is tight, simply cleaning out one or two of mom’s overstuffed closets can be a powerful gift that doesn’t cost anything at all. Of course, if you have a few bucks and the closet is clean for the first time since the Carter administration, you might want to consider picking up and installing a closet organizer system from your local home improvement store.

You’ve Got Mail

The mailbox might just be the most overlooked item when it comes to curb appeal. How does mom’s look?

No matter what shape her current mailbox is in, it could probably use either a small improvement or a total makeover. And since she uses that box almost every day, she will certainly appreciate any effort you make to improve its look for years to come.

Green Thumbs and Plant Life

Whether the goal is to stage the house for sale or you just want to upgrade your mom’s living conditions a bit, adding some plant life to the mix, either inside or outside, can be a huge boost to the quality of living in any house.

You also might want to consider starting her an herb garden that will provide great flavors for her cooking throughout the summer months.

It doesn’t matter whether mom is trying to sell her house right away or refuses to even talk about the possibility, either way there is never any harm in improving the value of the house.

Getting her one of these Mother’s Day gift ideas is sure to add to the value of the house for years to come, and mom will definitely appreciate that.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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