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7 Simple Twitter Searches to Get You Into Conversations With Potential Clients

Posted by Tom Truong on March 28, 2016 at 2:39 PM

real-estate-twitter.jpgBased on the fact that you are reading an article about using Twitter to build your real estate business, we can safely assume that you have established a Twitter account and sent out a few tweets…so we’ll skip the basics.

But like most agents who dabble in “The Twitterverse,” you probably haven’t had much success just tweeting about your listings.

Most people view Twitter as a tool that allows them to broadcast their thoughts and ideas to an audience they develop over time. That’s a fine approach, but the real power users (the ones who actually get business out of their efforts) are using Twitter to listen, start conversations, and build relationships with complete strangers that might eventually become clients.

While experimenting with the platform, you have probably used Twitter’s search feature. You might have even looked up a few hashtags. But if you dive a little deeper and check out the advanced search features, you will find that you can limit your searches to just include tweets that are within a few miles of your community. For real estate agents, this is a game changer!

Let’s take a quick look at seven different ways that you can utilize this local search feature to start conversations with local people who might be good candidates for your professional services.

“Real Estate”

Just searching for the phrase “real estate” in your community will give you a great starting place that will probably offer a pretty high return on your time investment. Anyone who is tweeting about real estate in your community is obviously interested in the subject, which makes them far more likely to be buying or selling properties in the near future.

“Your Community”

Taking a little less direct approach, searching for people who are actually talking about your community is a good way to establish relationships with people who actually care about the community. And people who care about the community are often the same people who get asked to recommend local professionals by all of their friends and family.

“Any Specific Neighborhood”

You should also be running searches for any of the popular neighborhoods where you find yourself doing a lot of business. This will give you the opportunity to interact with the people who currently live in those neighborhoods, as well as the people who are looking to move into those neighborhoods.

Local Events

Another great way to connect with the movers and shakers in your community is to search for people talking about whatever big event is happening in your town this weekend. This could be a breakfast with the Easter Bunny, your community’s Spring Fest, or just the regular farmers’ market. No matter what the event, talking to the people who are passionate enough to tweet about it is a great way to start conversations and develop relationships with local residents.

Your Favorite Local Restaurants

Right along the same lines as searching for people tweeting about local events, searching for people talking about your favorite local restaurants is another great way to start conversations with potential clients. If you happen to notice someone tweeting about how awesome the burgers are at your favorite local diner, jump in and tell them how wonderful your most recent experience was there!

National Topics

You might think that nationally trending topics don’t have much value in terms of local marketing through Twitter, but using the advanced search to focus on people tweeting in your community, you can isolate local people who are talking about those national topics. So the next time you are kicking back watching an awards show or sporting event on a Sunday, see what local people are tweeting about it and add in a few comments of your own.

Your Favorite Hobbies & Interests

No matter what you like to do with your free time, there are almost certainly people in your community that share those hobbies and interests. You can search for them on Twitter and use that common ground to establish a relationship, and then grow that relationship over time.

People who only use Twitter to broadcast their thoughts are doing it all wrong. Twitter is all about listening and building relationships…one person at a time.

As you build these relationships over time, you will start to notice that people who consider you their “Twitter friend” will naturally come to you first when they need a real estate agent. It’s all about building and growing those relationships.

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