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8 Tips for Using Social Media to Sell Real Estate

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on July 17, 2015 at 2:42 PM

It used to be that if you were posting about your listings on social media, you were the only agent doing so…which gave you a huge advantage.

But not anymore.

social-media-tips-for-businessSocial media is not the mystical secret weapon that it once was for many agents. But it can still be an extremely useful option in your real estate toolkit.

Many agents think that they are doing a good job of utilizing social media, but in reality they are just wasting time, sharing cat pictures on Facebook. If you want to actually convert your social media activity into sales, you are going to need a solid and consistent strategy.

Regardless of what social media platform you prefer to use, they all give you the ability to separate yourself from the competition by letting your personality shine through. If you are looking to take your sales to the next level, honing your social media skills is a great place to start.

Here are 8 tips for using social media to sell real estate.

Use Multiple Platforms

It’s fine for you to hate Facebook, Pinterest, or any other platform that you might have an issue with in the privacy of your own home. But if you want to create a successful social media strategy, you have to start by being in the same places as your target clients.

Many times, this means on Facebook. But in order to reach the widest range of potential clients, you are going to want to have a presence across as many social media platforms as you can keep up with.

How many platforms is that? Facebook and Twitter are a good start, but you shouldn’t hesitate to start utilizing image-focused platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Some agents are even finding success using Snapchat.

Build Relationships

As a sales professional, it can be easy to fall into the trap of simply using social media to broadcast your listings. This should definitely be a component of your strategy. But if that is all you plan on doing, you are missing the point.

Social media is all about being social. That means you have to actually interact with people…especially the people who interact with you.

Get yourself involved in conversations about local topics that catch your interest, and always be sure to promptly reply to anyone who comments on the things you are posting.

Post Consistently

Speaking of the things you are posting, ignoring social media all month and then cramming in a dozen posts in one day is not a good way to build a regular audience.

Your posting to social media needs to be as consistent as possible. It’s fine if you can’t commit to being active everyday, but set a schedule and force yourself to stick to it. Even posting weekly can have a positive impact if you are consistent over time.

Get Local

Real estate is a local business. Show any potential clients that might be watching that you are a local agent. Make it a point to demonstrate how well you know the community and its people.

This can easily be done simply through food pictures from local restaurants and pictures from local events. You don’t need to turn your feed into a news report, but adding some local flavor sends the message that you are active in the community.

Use Images

Posts with images do better than posts without images on every single social media platform out there. So when its appropriate, include a relevant image in your posts.

Of course this is easy to do for posts about your listings or the local posts we just discussed. But if you are posting about something more abstract, there are dozens of free stock images sites out there where you can find a good image that relates to what you are posting about.

Ask and Answer Questions

One of the easiest ways to get some dialogue going on your social media platforms is to ask and answer questions. Find out what questions or concerns your audience have and answer those questions. If you answer them well, you are in!

Since you want to position yourself as an expert on local real estate, ask your audience what they would like to know about the local market. If they happen to stump you, just find the answer through the other experts in your local network and get back to them.

Ask for an Action

One of the most common places where agents drop the ball on social media is that they share, share, share without ever asking for their followers to take an action. Don’t make this mistake.

You should be regularly asking your audience for their business. Ask them to subscribe to your email newsletter. Ask them for referrals.

It can be uncomfortable to put yourself out there at first, but this is the part that separates the good agents from the great agents.

Be Yourself

When some people sit behind a computer screen, their entire personality changes. However, as we all get better and better at this social media stuff, we are also getting better at identifying people who act phony.

The goal of social media is to let potential clients know what a great agent and a great person you are. That means you need to be yourself and not an exaggerated online version of yourself.

It is safe to say at this point that social media is not a fad. It’s not going away anytime soon, and if you aren’t already using it in some ways you are already falling behind the competition.

But by following a few of the tips we’ve spelled out here, you can harness the power of social media and convert your efforts into actual sales, which makes all your effort worth it in the end.

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