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Agent Productivity Hacks: 10 Simple Ways to Make Sure You Get Everything Done

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on January 22, 2016 at 2:14 PM

real-estate-productivity-tips.jpgOne of the hardest things about being a successful real estate agent is keeping track of everything you have going on at any one time. Between potential listings, possible buyers, demanding sellers, and a host of other workplace issues, it can often feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to keep all of the plates spinning.

Of course, the more you build your business and the busier you get, the more difficult it becomes to manage everything that you have going on around you. The best way to handle the madness of the agent lifestyle is to get some key systems and practices in place so that you can build your business in a way that it grows with you instead of consuming you.

Here are 10 of our favorite productivity hacks to help you keep all those plates spinning without slipping up and dropping any of the important ones:

Break Your Snooze Button Habit

You know that feeling when you get out of bed late and spend the entire day feeling like you can’t get caught up? Well the best way to avoid that is to stop hitting the snooze button and force yourself to get out of bed when you initially planned to.

Yes, getting out of bed on the first alarm is REALLY hard. But you will thank yourself about 30 minutes into your 100% more relaxed and productive day every single time.

Tackle the Biggest Task First

Another thing that can ruin an entire day is worrying about that one thing that you don’t want to actually do. Nine times out of ten, the act of worrying about a task is more stressful than the actual task itself, so make a commitment to knock the biggest scariest monster off your to-do list first everyday!

Embrace “Airplane Mode”

It’s no secret that we all suffer big lapses in productivity thanks to those little devices that beep and vibrate in our pockets and purses throughout the day. If you make a commitment to slide your smartphone into “Airplane Mode” during your focused working hours, you will be astonished at how much more productive you become.

Limit Your To-Do List

Another common thing that many agents get hung up on during their workday is being overwhelmed by the shear size of their to-do lists. The bigger that list gets, the less likely you are to actually cross anything off of it, so just focus on the most important items for any given day and push everything else back.

Delegate or Outsource the Non-Essentials

Another great way to reduce the size of your to-do list is to delegate or outsource some of those tasks to friends, family, coworkers, or even a virtual assistant. Sometimes, something as simple as asking your spouse to pick up the kids can make a huge difference in your productivity.

Put Yourself on a Timer

We all procrastinate. It’s just human nature. One of your best defenses against the evil forces of procrastination is to force yourself to complete a certain task in a specific amount of time. Working to a deadline, whether real or imaginary, will get your blood pumping and force you to bang out the tasks on your list in a timely fashion.

Install Some Organization Apps

We recently published a great list of smartphone apps that every real estate agent should be utilizing. Some of the apps featured on that list can be tremendously helpful for things like managing your to-do lists and tracking your notes on just about anything. Let those powerful little apps work hard to make your life more productive.

Learn How to Say No

It can be really hard to say no when someone you work with asks you for a favor, especially if that person happens to be directly above you on the office food chain. But if you can find ways to politely decline taking on additional tasks, you will have more time to focus on the ones that are already your top priorities for the day.

Eat Less Junk

It can be really hard to get pretty much anything done after crushing a burger and fries for lunch. So be smarter than that and keep your food intake light and clean during the work week. Save the nachos for your off days!

Have an Evening Routine

Even if you are able to avoid hitting that way-too-friendly snooze button, you can still fall prey to wasting morning time in front of your closet figuring out what on earth you are going to wear that day. Luckily, you learned the best way to avoid this problem way back in elementary school!

If you want to jump out of bed in the morning and spring into action, that all starts by preparing yourself the night before. Plan ahead so that you don’t have to put any thought into what you are going to wear or what you need to accomplish the next day.

It’s also important to keep in mind that putting all ten of these hacks into action at the same time is probably not going to end well. Pick one or two at a time and keep building on that foundation over time and eventually you will surprise yourself with how much you are able to accomplish on any given day at the office!

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