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You Too Can Become A Real Estate Agent in No Time with Carrington Real Estate

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on August 14, 2014 at 10:38 AM

CRES_Agent_RecruitingCarrington Real Estate is an agency for hard-working real estate professionals. With dedicated focus and expertise, Carrington shows strong commitment to your current and future achievement. This commitment is further expressed through superior education.

Carrington, closely connected with the American School of Real Estate Express, provides full online training to you and your fellow professionals across the country. Are you interested in getting your license or keeping your knowledge current? Join the team, and discover your dream profession! Carrington is your educational partner that provides support and encouragement at every phase of your career.

Enroll to Succeed

The American School of Real Estate Express formed in 1996 to offer a convenient and progressive way of learning about the world of real estate. Take comfort in the ARELLO seal, which certifies the school for excellence in education. With relevant course materials and beneficial quizzes and exams, your experience is always fulfilling.  

Grab that Advantage

The courses and exam preparation tools give you the confidence and knowledge to succeed. When you enroll at Real Estate Express through Carrington, you join a community driven by dedication. Your passion is what drives you to apply, and it also gets you noticed. Carrington knows that graduates are ready to meet the challenges ahead. As a result, graduate agents seeking employment have a strong advantage.

Research Your State Requirements

Each state is unique in its requirements for real estate, and the license attained is geared towards that location. While some graduates become salespeople or brokers, other graduates are more restricted. Coursework generally focuses on laws, mortgages, valuation, property ownership, brokering, and ethics. Appraiser licenses are an additional option worth considering.

Never stop learning

Carrington’s real estate school gives you access to professional tactics and current market changes. Remaining up-to-date with business trends keeps you informed and marketable. Continue your education with Carrington to maintain a professional outlook and presentation in all aspects of the industry. Fair housing, environmental issues, property management, and foreclosures are important considerations in modern real estate. With the right tools and information, your expertise attracts the best clients, every time!   

Employment with Carrington Real Estate is rewarding as well as motivating. New agents receive personalized mentoring and resources, while experienced agents obtain job security and generous commissions. Take the next step in your career path, and join up with Carrington and a real estate education. Contact your local agency today to receive more information, or find us online. Your new career is just over the horizon. 

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