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Benefits of Buying Your Home Before the Super Bowl

Posted by Al Villegas on January 23, 2017 at 10:37 AM

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super-bowl-home-buying.jpgYou have probably heard that the best time to buy or sell a house is early in the spring, which is exactly when the market is the most active. The early spring season is actually so busy in most areas of the country that local agents consider the Super Bowl to be the official “kick off” to their selling season.

While the spring season might be the busiest time for your local real estate market, there are actually quite a few benefits available for buyers who are willing to start their house shopping a little bit earlier in the year. If you are the type of person who likes to get a leg up on the competition, beginning your search before the Super Bowl could be just the advantage you are looking for this year.

Working With Frustrated Sellers

One of the biggest advantages that is available to buyers who are shopping during the winter months is that most of the homes that are on the market have been listed for quite some time, which means that the sellers are growing restless and may be frustrated with the selling process altogether.

Dealing with sellers who have already been through long months of watching their homes sit on the market, and possibly lowered their asking price a few times already, you are almost certainly going to get the best deal possible when making your offer.

Less Buyers to Compete With

In addition to having the opportunity to work with sellers who just want to get their houses sold as soon as possible, wintertime buyers also have the benefit of having less buyers on the market to compete with.

Since most everyone else is going to be waiting until the weather turns to start looking for their next home, buying before the Super Bowl gives buyers a significant edge just from the fact that they don’t have nearly as much competition.

Winter Weather Conditions

Home shopping during the winter months also give buyers an opportunity to see how a home holds up to harsher weather that can happen when the temperature drops. Knowing how a home is going to hold up to the elements, both inside and out, can be a huge advantage when negotiating a sale price.

As a wintertime buyer, you will know exactly how slippery that driveway and sidewalk are going to get when the temperature drops below freezing. You’ll also have a good idea of just how well insulated those windows and doors really are.

Everyone’s Thinking About Those Taxes

The first few months of the year also happen to be the beginning of tax season, which gets everyone’s attention focused on write-offs and their personal bottom lines. For many sellers who happen to be carrying two mortgages, the pain of realizing those losses on their tax returns can add further motivation to cut their losses and sell as soon as possible.

Get a Killer Deal on a New TV

If you are fortunate enough to close on a new home before the Super Bowl, you will be moving into your new place during the absolute best time of the entire year to purchase a fabulous new TV. With just about every store in the world running great Super Bowl specials on new TVs, you are certain to get a good deal.

And once you get your new TV set up in the living room of your new home, the only thing left to do is order some pizza and invite all of your friends and family over for the big game!

So if you are thinking about buying a new home in 2017, rather than waiting for the selling season to kick off later in the year, get a jump start on the competition and buy your home before the Super Bowl!

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