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Business Tips from Team Carrington Top Producers!

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on October 6, 2016 at 1:24 AM

Mike McCaffery and Shauna Shoop, both from our Del Mar, California Office, have been two of our most productive agents over the last year but it hasn't always been this way! Just recently they have seen a substantial increase in their real estate business both in sales as well as actual income!

Mike and Shauna contribute this increase in their production to their formation of a partnership this year and their participation in our Jumpstart Program. They were #1 in the nation and inside our Del Mar Office for the month of August.

Shauna was kind enough to answer a few questions about how they've increased their business and their total income!


Shauna Shoop
417% Increase in Volume YTD

How did the Jumpstart Program help your business?

"The Jumpstart program has helped our business tremendously by refreshing & reminding us to go back to the basics of real estate, which quite honestly is the core of this business. Jumpstart is definitely not just for new agents, it really helped us look at how we have been doing business and how we can sharpen what tools we already have. As seasoned agents we tend to sometimes fall into bad habits or perhaps get a little lazy. Real estate still is very much a "touching people" business and it is very true the more people you reach out to and touch the better your business will be!" ~ Shauna Shoop

How did forming a partnership help you this year?

"By Mike & I forming a partnership it helped us focus on what is important - servicing the client and servicing them on a whole new level. Our combined experience of over 40 years in this business has allowed us to compliment each other in our strengths & weaknesses. We have each other to report to on a daily basis, we are each responsible for certain tasks and if we fail to hold up our end it will effect the partnership as a whole, and we never want that to happen." ~ Shauna Shoop

Any tips for agents who want to increase their business?


Michael McCaffery
16% Increase in Volume YTD

"As Mike's mentor told him years ago, "50 percent of your business is simply showing up." Mike & I are very dedicated to showing up for work, we are in the office early every morning to start and plan out our day and PRIORITIZE what needs to get done. In this business we believe that prioritizing is key, an agent should not be spending time on something that is not productive to their business, working on the "now" business and the immediate future business (within the next 6 months) should be top of the list.

Working past and existing clients is an agent’s best source of future business and Mike & I remain in touch with all of our past clients and the majority of our business does come from past client referrals.

Networking is another very important key to an agent's success - get involved, whether it is networking with friends & family, a health club, your child's school, any clubs you may belong to, if you travel to other areas always have your business card handy (you never know)." ~ Shauna Shoop

Number one source of business?

"Existing & past client base, always asking for referrals. Your clients are your best source of future business." Shauna Shoop

What motivates you to succeed?

"Success!! It is what motivates us to succeed! When we are really busy we pour our heart & soul into each & every transaction, we may work very long hours, especially when we are busy, but every time we close a deal and see how happy & appreciative our clients are it just makes us want to work even harder to keep the momentum going. We can honestly say we love our job!" ~ Shauna Shoop

We love to help agents take their business to the next level and are so happy that Shauna and Mike are successful. Our goal is for every agent in our company to see the same level of success. Are you an agent in need of a brokerage who is willing and ready to FUEL your business and support you at every turn? Feel free to email us at careers@carringtonres.com!

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