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Capture the Community Before Trying to Conquer the County

Posted by Cindy Davis on July 15, 2016 at 1:36 PM

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hyprlocal-marketing.jpgJust about every real estate agent out there would love to be the top selling agent in his or her area. But with most agents targeting their marketing on the county level, the competition can be awfully thick.

By focusing on just one hyperlocal area to start with, agents can be much more effective than their counterparts trying to market to the entire county.

Big Fish In a Small Pond

Most agents see a single neighborhood or community as being too small of an area to focus on, but smart agents can use this shortsightedness to their advantage.

Agents willing to focus the majority of their efforts on becoming the go-to agent in a single hyperlocal area are passing on the opportunity to compete with every other agent in the county in favor of becoming the biggest agent in one specific neighborhood or community.

It’s much better to be the big fish in a small pond, instead of the other way around. Then, once you dominate a specific hyperlocal area, it’s much easier to expand into additional surrounding areas.

A Small Footprint Can Equal Big Reach

In addition to the fact that you won’t have to be competing against all the agents who are targeting your entire county in their marketing, agents focusing on hyperlocal areas also have the benefit of publishing content that is closer to the phrases their potential clients are actually searching for.

Think about the last few homebuyers you worked with. Were they looking for a house just anywhere in your county, or did they have a particular neighborhood or part of town that they wanted to live in?

The same thing happens when our clients are searching for properties online. They’re going to focus their searches to the exact neighborhood or community they would like to call home, and if you are there with content relevant to the area they’re interested in, there is a good chance you could win them as a client.

And don’t think for a minute that a hyperlocal strategy works with just attracting buyers. Once sellers see that you’re the agent bringing all the buyers, who do you think they’ll call to list their home?

Build Your Hyperlocal Homebase

Now that you understand the benefits of having a hyperlocal marketing strategy, it’s time to start building one.

The most common way to begin is to add a blog to your real estate website and start creating content about each and every detail of the small area you are staking your claim to.

You can create content about things like the best places to shop, school reviews, restaurants reviews, and local events. You should also cover the real estate side of things by doing reviews of each neighborhood, and monthly or quarterly market reports on what’s selling.

Whether it’s in audio, video, or written form, every piece of hyperlocal content you create is an opportunity for people looking to buy or sell in your target area to discover you and your expertise.

Promote Your Content

Creating content is the first step, but your work does not end there. Once you have some good content ready to go, the best way to get people to find it is to actively promote it on a few social media platforms.

Facebook is a great place to start here because you can run ads targeting people in very small geographic areas. This type of content also works great on the live video platforms that we have talked about recently.

Getting to the top of the real estate mountain in your county is a noble goal, and it’s not impossible.

But the best way to get there in 2016 is to start by dominating a smaller, hyperlocal area and expand from there.

With this type of approach, you’ll be dominating your chosen market in no time at all!


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