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Cindy Greco, Tampa, FL Office, Credits her Success to BoomTown

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on July 2, 2015 at 4:12 PM

My Success Story from utilizing the Boomtown search and Buyer drip campaign in the Boomtown system. - A Letter from Cindy Greco

"I have an equestrian property listing that I have advertised in a couple of equestrian classified websites. On May 22nd a lead came in from one of the websites for someone looking for an equestrian property in the Tampa area.

I immediately contacted the lead to tell them about my equestrian property from speaking to the couple determined that my property did not meet their criteria. I took detailed notes on what they needed for an equestrian property. I then setup a search in Boomtown based on their criteria. I also setup a 14 Day Drip Plan for Non-Qualified Leads.

As they began to receive the properties from the search I had setup for them, they would email me to tell me what they liked and what they didn’t like. I then made adjustments to the search criteria based on their feedback. Every time I received an email from them with their feedback, I always followed up with an email back to them to tell them the changes I made to their search.

On June 18th the couple called me to tell me that they were coming to town June 24 to the 27th and wanted to look a properties that they liked. At that time I asked if they had a mortgage Pre-Qualification Letter and found out that they didn’t. I sent them the contact information for Robert Harris with Carrington Mortgage Services and on June 19th Robert had a Pre-Qualification letter for them for a sales amount of $400,000.

I had the couple send me their favorite properties and I setup a schedule to view 6 properties on June 24th. When we got to the fifth home/farm they had decided they wanted to make an offer on that property. On June 25th we had an executed contract to purchase the property for $350,100."

Cindy Greco




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