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Creating Lifelong Fans of Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on October 10, 2016 at 1:13 PM

Creating lifelong fans is an important part of any business model, but in the real estate world where so much of our business stems directly from referrals, having the type of lifelong fans who create those referrals for us is a huge key to long-term success.

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution for building the types of client relationships that create those kinds of lifelong fans. This is something that has to be done on an individual basis, one client at a time.

But we do have a few key tips that you can build into your daily routines to make sure that you stay focused on creating these powerful relationships with the people you interact with.

Creating-Business-Fans.jpgGo the Extra Mile

The number one source for lifelong fans of any business is that business’s satisfied customers. You can double down on making sure your latest customers are satisfied by making small gestures to thank them for their business after you have delivered the results they are looking for.

Going the extra mile doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, either. Something as simple as sending a “Thank You” card or showing up with a few large pizzas on moving day could make all the difference in the world.

Focus on the Real World

As great as it might be to have a large number of followers on Twitter or lots of likes on your latest Instagram post, relationships with lifelong fans that send lots of business in your direction almost always stem from the real world.

In order to help foster more real world relationships, make a point to keep your eyes off of your phone when you are out in public. If you find yourself heading out to lunch or sitting in a local Starbucks a few times each week, make an effort to get to know the people working there, as well as the other customers.

Get Active in the Community

If you are having trouble finding places to meet people out in the real world, the easiest way to surround yourself with people that could become lifelong fans is to get active in some type of local charity or cause.

There are always at least a few organizations in every community that are looking for extra help from time to time. This could include everything from local church groups to coaching tee ball or soccer.

Just put yourself out there and good things will follow!

Remember the Details

Another great tip that can help turn a general acquaintance into a raving, lifelong fan is to remember small details that they have shared with you over the years of your relationship.

Don’t worry though, you don’t have to have a mind like a steel trap to pull this one off. Just get yourself setup with some good CRM software and you will be able to start building a database of those little details. You won’t believe how impressed people will be when you are able to recall their pet’s name after not seeing them for a few months.

Don’t Think About the Money

The final tip for creating lifelong fans is to completely forget about the amount of income that the referrals of a lifelong fan could mean for you. The minute you make any relationship about the money, it loses all of its value for the client.

If your only focus is on making more money, clients can sniff that out a mile away and you will never be able to create any lifelong fans. Just focus on creating lifelong fans and the money part will take care of itself naturally.

The process of creating lifelong fans that will rave to their friends about their “totally amazing” real estate agent is actually not very complicated. It all stems from being a real person who actually cares about people and wants to go the extra mile for them. If you focus on that, the lifelong fans will start to line up in your corner almost immediately.

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