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Curb Appeal: Five Great Ways to Improve Your Landscaping

Posted by Seth Lesselbaum on September 23, 2015 at 1:03 PM

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Whether your motivation is commanding a higher price when you sell your home, getting more income out of a rental investment, or raising your home’s value for a refinancing appraisal, just about anyone who owns a house would like it to be worth as much as possible.

One of the easiest ways to increase your home’s perceived value is to dramatically upgrade its curb appeal.

Getting your home to “take their breath away” status before anyone even enters will make it the type of home people talk about long after they leave. In order to help you get your home there, let’s take a look at your landscaping!

Here are five great ways that you can improve your landscaping to help increase your home’s value:

Retaining Walls

Having a well-built retaining wall in place can be one of the most visually appealing ways to up your landscaping game.

If you already have a natural hillside somewhere in your landscaping, that is obviously the place to start. But even if your entire lot is completely flat, you can still create interesting visual effects by using retaining walls to create raised flower beds.

Of course, the important thing with retaining walls is that they must be built on a solid foundation. If your wall starts to look like it’s falling apart after a few years, it will actually be more of a negative than a positive in the long run.

Water Features

That same concern exists with water features. They must be built and maintained correctly, but if they are they can add a tremendous amount of value compared to the investment they require.

Water features can range from something as simple as a small fountain to a full-scale koi pond depending on what you are looking for and how your space is configured.

Outdoor Lighting

Remember the days when outdoor lighting was ridiculously complicated and you had to bury all of those wires connecting each light? Well not any more!

With the power of solar lights, outdoor lighting is easier than ever to install and can really make your house stand out from the crowd after the sun goes down.

Add Some Color

Most landscaping starts off with basic evergreen shrubs and some type of ground cover. If you want your landscaping to truly stand out from the crowd, it might be a good idea to take that base and add some pops of color.

These color accents could come from flowers planted directly into the ground, into planters, or even into your custom retaining wall flower beds. One great insider tip is to match the color of your front door to the color of the flowers you plant.

Edge the Driveway

Another great way to make your landscaping really stand out is to edge your driveway with bricks, stone, or flower beds. If you go the brick or stone route, as with retaining walls and ponds, you want to make sure you take your time and do it right so that things don’t shift on you over time.

Everyone has something to gain from improving their home’s curb appeal. Whatever your motivation may be, put these ideas to work in the right ways for your property and then sit back and watch the perceived value skyrocket higher.

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