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Details That Sell: 10 Ideas to Put Your Home Over the Top in Buyers’ Minds

Posted by Jeff Bates on September 17, 2015 at 1:24 PM

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Are you worried about the prospects of selling your home?Selling-Your-Home

Concerned that location and square footage alone won’t be enough to make potential buyers fall in love with it the way that you did?

We can relate!

There is no avoiding the fact that buyers are going to require a certain amount of square footage, a certain number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and a certain location in order to even consider a property.

But after you meet those qualifications, getting them to fall in love with the house is really up to you.

One of the best ways to convert semi-interested buyers into buyers who are willing to compete with each other in a bidding war for your house is to give them a few key details to fall in love with when they walk through the house.

You already know that they are going to be looking for popular wish-list items like hardwood floors and granite countertops, but what else could you offer them?

Everyone’s tastes are different when it comes to the key features that make people really want a particular house, but here are 10 more features that can really hook buyers:

Unique Light Fixtures

Whether they ever actually entertain or not, most potential buyers will be looking at your home with the idea of entertaining there at the top of their minds. If they happen to see an interesting or unique light fixture hanging in the kitchen or dining room, they will immediately think about how all of their friends and family will notice the same thing.

Unique light fixtures don’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. They can be obtained from garage sales or antique stores for next to nothing, painted and rewired, and then hung up and looked at as a work of art to be appreciated by everyone who enters the home.

Creative Storage Solutions

No matter how big a house is, there is never enough storage…and everyone knows this. Make sure that your house includes a couple of really cool options to make the most of the available storage space.

Some examples of this could be storage under built-in bench seating, storage space under staircases, sheds with great shelving, or one of those great closet organizing systems from your local home improvement store.

Outdoor Water Features

In addition to entertaining, people often visualize themselves spending relaxing quiet time in their new home. Whether or not that will ever happen, you want to play to this vision. One way to do so is to have a quiet sitting area near an outdoor water feature.

You might never sit there yourself, but having a nice bench next to a fountain or pond could be the thing that hooks someone into buying your house.

Pet-Friendly Features

Many of your potential buyers are going to be pet people, so having options for them can be a huge selling point. This might include anything from installing a doggie door to a full pet shower in the basement. Of course, you will want to be careful not to overdo it here, because not everyone is a pet person.

The Perfect Shower

Ok, so maybe your budget doesn’t exactly have room to install a spa-quality shower with great ceramic tile and bench seating. That’s fine. You can still get a great new showerhead with plenty of features and multiple heads that works right in your existing shower to make every morning routine into a spa-like experience.

Unique Powder Room Sink

The first floor powder room is the bathroom that all of your guests are going to use, and potential buyers know this. Having a unique sink installed here turns the powder room into a conversation piece.

Vessel sinks that sit above the countertop are extremely popular right now. Installing one into an antique cabinet or serving station along with a wall-mounted faucet is actually an easier project than you might think, and could pay serious dividends for your listing.

Wine Cellar

Whether potential buyers are wine connoisseurs or not, the idea of having a wine cellar in the basement is really cool. This doesn’t have to be an over-the-top, walk-in wine cellar though. It could be as simple as a converted basement closet with shelves designed to hold wine bottles.

Theater Room

Much like with wine cellars, when we think of theater rooms we tend to envision celebrity mansions. This doesn’t have to be the case though.

Mounting a projector and screen in a large basement room is actually not very expensive, and you can let the new owners worry about buying the fancy recliners.

Pot Filler

Beyond cabinets and countertops, if there is one feature that real cooks desperately want in their kitchens, it has to be the pot filler mounted over the stove. While the plumbing might seem complicated initially, this is a one-day job for a decent plumber in most homes, so it’s definitely worth looking into.

Wood Ceilings & Beams

Another popular trend in many homes is installing hardwood ceilings or exposed hardwood beams. Depending on the quality of the wood, this can get pricey, but can also convince a potential buyer to fall in love with your living room or kitchen on this one feature alone.

Obviously, some of these features are going to require more investment than others, but if you have some money to play with, they can be a great way to create magical features in your home that potential buyers instantly fall in love with.

Once a potential buyer falls in love with the unique features that your home offers, every other home they look at in your community will fall short in comparison…which is exactly the position you want to be in as a seller.

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