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Eight Tips for Closing That Listing Appointment

Posted by Suzanne Drace on June 22, 2017 at 11:31 AM

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One thing that many agents love about the real estate industry is that everything boils down to the numbers. It's always about the numbers.

If you can increase the number of people who walk through a listing, you are instantly going to increase the chances that someone makes an offer. Likewise, if you can improve the odds that someone will make an offer by professionally staging a property, you are that much more likely to get to the closing table sooner.

When it comes to finding listings, most agents focus on the first type of numbers and attempt to take as many listing appointments as they possibly can. However, if you are able to increase the number of those appointments that result in actual listings, you are sure to have an almost immediate impact on your bottom line for the year.

Let's take a closer look at those listing appointments and highlight eight different ways that you can maximize your conversion rate!

millennial-homebuyers.jpegResearch the Client

In the real estate world, the majority of our listings come from references and recommendations. The sellers you are planning to meet with are likely going to have some connection to you that you can use to get a little more background.

Whether they are mere acquaintances, friends of friends, or simply someone you have a bunch of mutual Facebook friends with, use those connections to learn more about these potential clients to see what is really motivating them.

Focus on Their Concerns

You should also carry that concern for the things that are motivating the sellers directly into your meeting with them. Ask them to explain in detail why they are looking to sell, what aspects of the listing process are most important to them, and what success will look like from their perspective.

Have a Strategy Ready

Because you did a little research beforehand, you should have a general idea of what the potential clients are looking for. That means that you should also have a rough strategy ready that meets their needs.

If they are looking to maximize return, you could plan to target a higher sales price and tweak the home to make it more appealing. But if they are only looking for a fast sale, you could suggest pricing more aggressively and holding more open houses to get more people through the listing.

Ask the Sellers to do Their Homework

One way to give yourself an edge over other agents the sellers might be meeting with is to request that they do a bit of homework before meeting with you.

Have them look up their property tax and insurance information, as well as their most recent mortgage statement. This information will be a huge help to you in coming up with a listing price, and requesting it ahead of time will show the sellers that you mean business.

Testimonials & References

Every agent that walks into a listing appointment can tell the potential clients that they are the best person for the job. However, very few agents walk into a listing appointment with testimonials and references who can vouch for the fact that they will deliver on those promises.

Take a few short testimonials from satisfied clients and have them ready to play on your phone or tablet. You won't believe how powerful those videos can be, especially when they are accompanied by references the sellers can contact for even more details.

Recommended Services

Another great way to show that you are completely on the ball is to provide a list of recommended services for anything the seller might need to handle before the listing hits the MLS. This could include a great cleaning service, an excellent handyman, or a financial advisor to help them figure out what to do with the extra money they make by listing with you.

Remember to Ask For the Listing

After you have thoroughly impressed the potential clients with your knowledge of them, their situation, and the local market, make sure that you don't make the critical mistake of forgetting to actually ask for the listing. This is one of the most common mistakes that agents make, and it is also the easiest to avoid. Just remember to ask.

Follow Up After the Appointment

Whether you land the listing during the appointment or not, make a point to follow up with the sellers regularly to make sure that nothing changes about their situation. Everyone makes decisions at different paces, so check in with them regularly, without being overbearing.

Real estate is all about the numbers, and closing your listing appointments is no exception. The more practice you get, and the more you implement these eight tips, the more likely you will be to land each and every potential client that you meet with.

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