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Email Marketing: Six Engaging Content Ideas for Your List

Posted by Cindy Davis on May 18, 2017 at 12:13 AM

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At this point in 2017, just about every real estate agent across the country is aware of the fact that the Internet is a powerful tool for promoting and growing their business. Many intelligent agents have already taken to social media to promote their current listings and are seeing impressive results.

One of the most powerful steps in any online marketing strategy is putting together an email newsletter. It is not difficult to imagine the power of being able to email pictures of your new listings to a group of local buyers and sellers any time you like. But good email newsletters bring much more than that to the table.

In order to keep your readers engaged, your newsletter has to offer more than advertisements for your listings. You have to provide value. That's where we can help.

Here are six of our favorite ideas for putting together engaging content that is perfectly tailored to your list.

Local Market Reports


Telling your readers about listings in their community is a great start, but many of those readers are actually more interested in homes that have recently sold and the overall state of the local real estate market.

One great piece of content that you can send out regularly is a simple review of what houses have sold, which neighborhoods they are located in, and what that might indicate about what buyers and sellers are thinking in your community.

Tips for Sellers

One of the most popular real estate topics on the internet is pointing out all of the tips and tricks that agents have come up with over the years to help sellers get their houses sold faster. Between all of the information available on the web and all of your personal experiences, providing advice on how to sell a house faster is always an easy go-to for email content.

Interviews With Local Influencers

As a real estate agent, you probably know and interact with more people on a weekly basis than most people do in an entire year. Odds are, some of them are local influencers like city council members, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and local celebrities.

You can use these connections to your advantage by interviewing some of the most interesting people in your area and publishing the interviews in your newsletter.

Not only will this idea provide excellent content for your readers, it will also show that you are gracious enough to give other people in your community the spotlight every once in a while.

Local Community Coverage

Great real estate agents are deeply rooted in their communities. One easy way to show just how much you love your community is to write regular updates about what’s going on in your community beyond the world of real estate.

You could tell your readers about upcoming community events, restaurant openings, important news stories, and more.

No matter which direction you plan to go with your community coverage, this content will excite your readers and cement an image of you as an agent that truly loves the community.

Local Restaurant Reviews

Speaking of restaurants, another simple idea that you can develop in any way that you like is to write positive reviews about your favorite local restaurants. This is another great way to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the community, but it will also be a big help for readers who might not know about the hidden gems that you frequent on a regular basis.

Show Your Scars

No one likes to admit that they have bad days, but we all do. Having the courage to write about some of your tougher transactions in a newsletter going out to your potential clients feels counter-productive, but it can be a very powerful tool.

Demonstrating that you are human, that not every deal goes perfect, but that you are always learning from them is a fantastic way to connect with the people reading your newsletter, who also have bad days at work sometimes too.

Email marketing is all about connecting with potential clients on a personal level. Not matter what ideas you choose to implement, the key behind all of them is to share as much of your personality as possible. If you can do that, there is no way that your email content won't produce outstanding results.

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