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Five Awesome Summer Decoration Ideas From Pinterest

Posted by Suzanne Drace on August 7, 2017 at 3:01 PM

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We all know that staging a house can help it sell faster and at a higher price point, but not everyone knows exactly what to do to make their house look better. Luckily, thanks to the power of the Internet, we have thousands of great ideas available to us that can make the process of staging our homes super easy.

If you happen to be staging your home in the fall, winter, or spring, you might find staging to be relatively easy since there are a plethora of good decorating ideas based around local football teams and all of the major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. However, ideas for decorating in the summer months aren't always quite so obvious.

Here are five awesome summer decoration ideas we found on Pinterest that are sure to help your home sell faster with minimal effort on your part!


The Summer Beach Wreath

Nothing brings that summer feeling into your home quite like a trip to the beach, and this wreath plays off of that idea by integrating starfish, seashells, rope, and netting to give your home a beach feel. Whether you choose to hang it on the front door or over the fireplace in your living room, the summer beach wreath is a welcome addition to any home.

Making a beach-themed wreath couldn't be easier, and that's because you can find just about everything you need to throw one together at your local craft store. Clicking through to the article referenced in this pin will show you a total of 40 different ideas to get your wreath going!

Want to see all of the Summer Beach Wreath Ideas? Click Here!

The Lemonade Flower Arrangement

Another thing that makes summer feel like summer is a tall pitcher of delicious lemonade. But the idea here isn't to make a batch of lemonade for yourself; it is making a vase for a flower arrangement that looks like a pitcher of lemonade! How cute, right?

All you do to create this clever vase is get a big pitcher, line the sides of it with sliced lemons, and then insert a smaller container to hold them in place. After that, simply fill the smaller container with whatever type of flower arrangement you like and your ultra-fresh centerpiece is ready to go!

Need some amazing Summer flower arangement ideas? We have them here!

Make a Brick Outdoor Fireplace

Not all decorations have to be dainty or delicate. They don't have to be inside projects either. This idea for a simple brick fireplace is the perfect addition to just about any outdoor space that you might want to jazz up.

Since all we are doing to create this look is stacking some bricks on top of each other, you don't need to worry about any advanced masonry skills. Just get yourself a big pile of bricks and start stacking! Before you know it, you'll have a beautiful outdoor fireplace that naturally adds to the value of your home.

Need a beautiful outdoor fireplace? Great ideas are here!


The DIY Rustic Sailboat

Boats are another popular theme during the summer months, and this little DIY sailboat project makes a perfect addition to any end table or shelf. The logs bring a rustic element to the room, and you can alter the sail fabric to match just about any color scheme out there.

All this project requires is drilling one quick hole to put the twig into the bigger log. From there, just twist in a couple of eyelet screws, cut your fabric to fit, and you're ready to sail.

This Sailboat is going to turn heads! Find out more here!

The Summer Sailor Crate

Keeping with our nautical theme, another easy way to add a cute decoration that costs next to nothing to any room is to paint an old crate and stencil a simple image onto it. In this case, we are talking about painting the box white and then adding a light blue anchor.

No matter what color scheme or image you plan to use on your crate, you can generally get these types of containers at garage sales for next to nothing, and they only require a minimal amount of paint. So, once again, we are adding a fresh and creative decoration to the home for virtually no cost at all.

See this full project idea right here!

No matter how you plan to decorate your home, it is important to remember that you don't want to overdo it. That why we have focused on simple projects that don't need to stand out to make their mark. Add a few of these ideas and potential buyers are naturally going to see your home in a more favorable light.

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