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Five Simple Hacks to Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer

Posted by Tom Truong on July 15, 2015 at 1:48 PM

The dog days of summer are upon us, and it doesn’t look like July and August are going to be doing any favors for our utility bills this year.

lower-your-energy-billThat means most families will be fighting that internal debate between the value of a cool house and the cost of those summer energy bills.

However, with a few simple hacks, you might just be able to have your cake and eat it too…in a cool house no less!

The key to keeping your energy costs under control when it gets extremely hot outside is really a basic combination of keeping your equipment in good working condition and making sure that you are using it at the appropriate times.

Here are five simple hacks that you can use to lower your energy bills this summer…

Program Your Thermostat

We have reached the point where there are more houses that have programmable thermostats than houses that don’t. But there are huge differences between having a programmable thermostat, knowing how to use it, and actually taking the time to program it.

If your house is equipped with this awesome technology, put it to work saving you on energy costs. Set your thermostat to hold the house at a slightly higher temperature when you are not usually home and you will notice a dramatic difference.

Change Your Filters

It might seem silly, but just changing your filters regularly can also make a huge impact on your energy costs.

The harder your air conditioner has to work to push cool air through the house, the more energy it is going to require. Making sure you are pushing that cool air through clean filters will make it that much easier for the A/C to do its job.

Clean & Stock Your Appliances

Working off of similar logic to the idea of changing your filters, you should also make sure that your appliances are free of dust and debris. Giving them plenty of room to operate will keep them running more efficiently, and at cooler temperatures.

You might also want to make sure that you keep your refrigerator and freezer well stocked throughout the summer. Keeping both full of cold items makes it easier for them to maintain that cool temperature.

Use Appliances in the Evening

It makes perfect sense that using your oven or stove all day during the hot summer months is going to work against your efforts to cool the house down. But many of us still do so without really thinking about it…especially when it comes to drying the laundry.

Plan your days so that you can use any heat-generating appliances like this during the evening when it is cooler outside. This will prevent your air conditioner from having to deal with heat from outside and heat from your appliances at the same time.

Watch Your Water Temperature

Another easy place that you can save a big chunk on your energy costs is keeping your use of hot water to a minimum. Just slightly lowering the temperature on your hot water heater can make a big difference, and washing your clothes in cold water could make that difference even more dramatic.

None of these are going to completely negate the energy costs that come from keeping a house cool during the summer. But if you pull together all of these small savings, you can definitely take the edge off of the expensive energy bills that end up at our doors every summer.

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