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Five Simple Ways to Highlight Local Amenities in Your Listing Descriptions

Posted by Linda Scarberry on July 20, 2017 at 12:06 PM

With most home buyers starting their real estate searches online today, one of the best ways to differentiate your listings from the competition is to improve the quality of everything those buyers are going to see when they pull up your property on one of the major real estate sites.

At this point, most successful real estate agents have figured out the importance of having great photos of a property, but another area where you can differentiate your listing is by writing a description that does an excellent job telling the story of the property. And part of that story is the home's location relative to popular local amenities.

In order to work more information about those local amenities into your next listing description, let's take a quick look at five easy ways you can highlight those local spots without distracting focus from the listing itself.

local-amenities.jpgUse Landmarks to Describe the Location

Since every real estate site is going to list the address of your listing prominently, there is no need to restate that address in the actual description. So instead of doing what most agents do and starting with the address in the first sentence, try using the property's location relative to local landmarks instead of the address.

This could be as simple as stating that the home is "located just three blocks east of the beach." Or it could be a little more involved and use multiple landmark locations to triangulate the location. Either way, you are already off to a good start by giving the reader more information than they would get by just repeating the address.

Describe the Community Amenities

Another common tactic that many agents use in their descriptions is to insert a throwaway line about the community. This typically involves describing the community as "popular" or "growing," but doesn't often get any deeper than that.

By turning that throwaway line into a full paragraph, you can give yourself a perfect excuse to highlight all of the very best amenities located throughout the community. Then you can explain how close the listing is to those amenities, and describe how great life will be because of them.

List Local Restaurants that Cater

Most strong real estate descriptions will highlight how well a particular kitchen or outdoor space would work for entertaining. But it is important to remember that most people like the idea of entertaining more than they actually like entertaining. And many people who do entertain, would rather order out than make the food themselves. This is a perfect opportunity to suggest local restaurants for those occasions.

When you get to the point in your description where you find yourself writing a line about a space that is "perfect for entertaining," throw in a comma and suggest grabbing a few pies from the local pizza shop or highlight the best options for a party from any other local restaurant's menu.

Work Off Those Calories Nearby

In addition to showing potential buyers where they can order great food for their next party, you can also give them insight into what daily life is like in the community by highlighting things like local gyms and yoga studios that they might want to incorporate into their regular routines.

Suggestions for where to work out fit naturally right after any mentions of food or hosting parties, so this is another easy way to work in a little more information about the community that feels completely natural.

Walking Distance Amenities

You should also pay particular attention to any amenities that are within walking distance of the property. No matter what part of the country we are talking about, it is always worth noting when there is something like a local coffee shop, community park, or shopping district within walking distance of a listing.

In addition to telling the story of the listing itself, adding in these little tidbits about the nearby community amenities will allow potential buyers to visualize what their lives would be like living there. This can motivate those buyers to make better offers because of their strong desire to enjoy those amenities, which makes the extra effort well worth it in the long run!

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