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Five Things Today’s Sellers Expect From Their Listing Agent

Posted by Tom Truong on February 23, 2016 at 12:03 AM

selling-agent.jpgAt first glance, you might think that you instantly know what most sellers expect from you as their listing agent. It’s obvious, right? They want you to sell their house quickly for as much as possible.

But aside from a few isolated dream listings where the house sells almost instantly for well above the asking price, you are going to have to drill down a bit further to find a good answer to how today’s sellers expect you to get those results.

In order to meet the expectations from today’s sellers, you should have each of the following five things in your arsenal:

Confidence in Your Abilities

First and foremost, you absolutely must have confidence that you can get the job done. Without a confident approach, sellers will lack any confidence in your abilities and buyers could really take advantage of you during any negotiations.

A confident attitude is also very reassuring to any sellers that start to feel nervous after the house doesn’t sell right away.

Local Knowledge

One of the easiest ways to establish the necessary level of confidence is to actually know what you are talking about.

Spend a serious amount of time making sure that you know every detail about every comparable home that recently sold in the seller’s neighborhood and you will be armed with plenty of knowledge to back up your reasons for recommending certain list prices and other options.

Built-In Marketing

Today’s sellers are also going to expect that their listing agent has their own marketing platform to promote the listing through a blog or social media accounts. Getting started with this type of platform is easy, but building it to the point where it is a value-added asset for your business will take years of hard work.

If you aren’t spending time regularly to work on your own personally branded marketing platforms, you are already losing ground to your competitors.

Ideas to Increase Value

Once you study all the comps, you will have a pretty good idea of what the home will sell for. You will also have a pretty good idea of what features drive the most value in a particular neighborhood.

Put all that research to work for both the seller and yourself by recommending a few improvements that could potentially increase the sale price of the house.

Hand Holding

Another critical aspect of your job as the listing agent is to constantly reassure the seller that they are making the right decision in accepting or rejecting certain offers. You know first-hand how complicated and stressful selling a home can be, so make sure you remind your sellers that they are not going through this process alone.

Sometimes, just a simple phone call to reassure the sellers that they have a valuable house at a competitive price point can mean the difference between keeping a listing and losing it to one of your competitors.

Of course, at the end of the day, all anyone is really in this for is the results. So you are definitely going to have to deliver the goods and sell the house for a fair market price. But if you do these five things in the process, the seller’s perception of your abilities will be much higher throughout the entire process.

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