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Five Unique Demographics You Should Be Targeting With Facebook Ads

Posted by Cindy Davis on August 30, 2017 at 12:57 PM

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Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms for real estate agents looking to reach potential customers in their community, and thanks to the power of their targeted ads, you can fine tune exactly which types of clients you are targeting with each and every message you want to share.

Once you have started running basic Facebook ads and have seen some success, the next step is to get extremely specific about who you are targeting with those ads. To help you generate some fresh ideas for developing your own custom Facebook audiences, we put together five interesting demographics that can serve as a jumping off point for your Facebook marketing efforts.


Homeowners Looking to Move

Seller leads are incredibly valuable in the real estate business, and one of the easiest ways to start developing your own listing pipeline is to market your services to current home owners who are thinking about selling. As luck would have it, Facebook gives us the ability to target both "homeowners" and people who are "looking to move" with our ads.

By combining those two specific targeting options and limiting the audience to individuals in the specific zip codes that you are focused on, you will have instant access to home owners that are interested in selling their homes but might not know exactly where to get started.

Downsizing Retirees

Another great source for seller leads comes from homeowners who are just reaching retirement age. These are the clients who are typically looking to move into smaller homes that require less maintenance. In many cases, you can collect two commission checks with these leads by simultaneously helping them sell their larger home and purchase a smaller one.

In order to target downsizing retirees with your Facebook ads, simply limit your audience to local zip codes, ages 55 and up, and specify that they are homeowners through detailed targeting.

Young Professional Renters

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the downsizing retirees is where you will find young professionals who are just beginning to think about purchasing their first home. Because they are likely to buy multiple homes over the course of their careers, bringing these clients on early can often allow them to become customers for life.

To focus in on young professionals who are also first-time homebuyers, set your detailed targeting for renters in your specific zip codes and limit the scope to the lower age brackets.

Parents of Young Children

Another demographic that works well for real estate agents on Facebook is parents with young children who are starting to realize that they are going to need bigger homes to accommodate their growing families. You can target these potential clients by looking at current homeowners with young children.

Much like we saw with downsizing retirees, there is often going to be an opportunity to double dip with families who are upgrading their home because they will be simultaneously buying and selling.

Positive & Negative Life Changes

Another way to target Facebook ad budget is to focus on potential clients that are going through some type of life change. This could be something exciting like newly engaged couples, or it could be something sad like a recent divorce or a death in the family.

Regardless of the type of life change you prefer to zero in on, Facebook gives you the ability to isolate that segment of your local audience and deliver a message that speaks right to them.

When it comes to Facebook ads, your ability to generate new business is limited only by the depth of your imagination. Use these five broad demographics as starting points and you will be off to the races. After that, you can continue to evolve and iterate your approach based on the quality of your results!

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