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Getting Your Home Ready for Peak Buying Season

Posted by Russ Laggan on February 6, 2017 at 7:05 AM

peak-season.jpgReal estate agents around the country are getting themselves ready for the upcoming selling season. No matter what corner of the country you call home, there will almost certainly be an uptick in buyers in the coming months. That is why early spring is the absolute best time of year to list your house and get it sold quickly!

If you have been thinking about taking the plunge and listing your house with a local agent, there are quite a few things that you can do to improve your chances of a quick sell. Let’s dive in and discuss some of the basics that every homeowner should be doing in order to get their house ready to put on the market.

Routine Maintenance

You know all of those simple little maintenance tasks that you have been putting off for almost as long as you have lived in your current home? Now is the time to buckle down and take care of those issues.

If you are anything like most homeowners, there are at least a half dozen small projects that are negatively impacting the value of your home. And for most homeowners, those small problems could all be corrected over the course of one dedicated weekend, so make this coming weekend the one where you take care of all of them.

Spring Cleaning

Once you have those basic maintenance issues taken care of, the next step in getting your home ready for the spring selling season is to do a thorough cleaning of every inch of the home from top to bottom. Houses that are spotlessly clean have been proven to sell dramatically faster in just about every market in the country, so make sure yours falls into that category.

The kitchen and bathrooms are the key rooms to focus on when you are spring cleaning, but you should also make a point to really do a good job on the windows and light fixtures in all of your rooms.

Pack Up the Clutter

Everyone has those certain spots in their home where clutter just tends to accumulate, but that clutter is definitely not going to help you sell the house. Find a way to minimize as much of the clutter areas in your home as possible, but make sure that you find a solution and aren’t just throwing that clutter into one of your closets, because that is next on our list!

Organize Those Closets

One of the most often forgotten areas of the home is those closets that you have been stuffing full of your belongings for about as long as you have lived there. Taking a weekend to go through all of your closets is not really anyone’s idea of a good time, but it is exactly the type of thing that can make a big difference when a potential buyer walks through for the first time.

Use Your Nose Strategically

Another thing that is often overlooked by even the most ambitious sellers is the unique smells that your home has acquired over the years. Whether we are talking about adorable pets or that certain perfume, your home probably has a unique smell to it that may or may not be an instant turn-off to buyers. Use your nose to investigate and minimize any smells that might be holding you back.

Step Up Your Curb Appeal

As the weather begins to warm up, curb appeal will become more and more important. But you don’t have to wait for Memorial Day to make sure that your home looks attractive to potential buyers. Take some time to reassess what the front of your house looks like and see if you can make some small changes to improve it.

The early spring months are the absolute best time of the year to list your house for sale. But if you are eager to sell quickly and command the maximum possible price, you should make sure that you haven’t overlooked any of these obvious details.

Once you take care of getting your home ready, the process of listing and selling should be a whole lot easier.


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