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Holiday Gifts That Your Clients Will LOVE!

Posted by Dixie Courtney on December 8, 2016 at 1:31 PM

The holiday season has arrived and it seems like everywhere you turn another gift giving opportunity pops up. For many real estate agents, this presents a fantastic opportunity to remind all of our best clients how much we value their business.

holiday-client-gifts.jpgOf course, the trouble that many of us run into is what on earth are you supposed to buy for your clients? You want to get them something that they will actually appreciate, but you also don’t want to go too far over-the-top and spend too much.

With a focus on that middle ground in mind, we have put together a list of some of the best holiday gifts for clients. Each of these items are reasonably priced, but will still deliver significant value to the clients you value the most!

Gift Baskets

The gold standard for any professional giving gifts to clients is the classic gift basket. The options here used to be limited to those iconic fruit baskets, but today you can choose from a very wide range of baskets and have them shipped right to the client or deliver them yourself.

With seemingly everyone being obsessed with coffee these days, checking out the coffee and tea gift baskets available on Amazon is a great place to start.

Wine, Spirits, and Craft Beer

As long as your clients aren’t opposed to having a few cocktails, any type of beer, wine, or liquor can make a simple holiday gift that is really appreciated. If you happen to know a thing or two about wine, that is a great place to start. There are also some really interesting new craft beers and liquors hitting the shelves all the time that your clients probably haven’t tried yet.

Just grab a bottle, put a bow on it, and you’re all set!

Local Food

Another simple idea is to give the gift of food from one of the popular local restaurants or bakeries in your community. This could range anywhere from a tray of cookies from the local bakery to an assortment of healthy juices from your local health store.

Omaha Steaks

Can’t find a good local food source to put together a gift for you? No problem, just send your clients a big box of meat from Omaha Steaks. They have lots of different options for a wide range of prices right on their website, and everything they sell tastes fantastic! You’ll be the hit of the next family BBQ!

Subscription Boxes

Monthly subscription boxes offer a great way to make sure that your clients remember your gift throughout the entire year. And since there are so many subscription box services to choose from now, you can customize which service you give for each client. With choices like Dollar Shave Club, Sock Fancy, and even Bark Box, you can really give your clients something they will appreciate for a full year to come.

Next Year’s Calendar

If you want to stay in the minds of your clients throughout the coming year but don’t necessarily want to foot the bill for a subscription service, getting them a calendar for the upcoming year is the next best option. You can get all kinds of calendars depending on the client’s likes and interests, but creating a custom one just for them will really impress!

Your Favorite Books

There is no gift quite like the gift of knowledge, which is exactly what you can give if you wrap up and deliver a copy of your favorite book. This is obviously more personal if you give a book you have actually read and enjoyed, but you could also search for “best books to give as gifts” and come up with a pretty good list.

Charitable Donations

Another tried and true holiday gift is to make a charitable donation in your client’s name. This is always a solid option, but it will take on an added level of significance if you do a little bit of research and make the donation to one of the charities that they feel strongly about.

Unless you have set the precedent in the past, your clients probably don’t expect you to get them any type of gift for the holidays, but even the simplest gifts can give you a great opportunity to really show them how much you value their business and look forward to working with them in the future.

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