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How Shopping for a Home is Like Speed Dating

Posted by Dixie Courtney on April 7, 2015 at 2:12 PM

Have you heard of "speed dating"?

It’s the type of matchmaking experience where you find yourself in a room with a large number of people and you have only a short amount of time to make an impression with each person. speed-dating-real-estate

This rushed atmosphere forces you to stick to focusing on only the most important aspects and can do wonders for cutting out the wandering small talk that no one likes in the first place.

While it might not seem like it at first, speed dating has quite a few similarities to the home buying process. Let’s take a look at how we might be able to apply basic ideas from speed dating to make the process of shopping for a home more effective.

Meeting Lots of People

One of the biggest advantages of speed dating is that it allows you to cast a wide net. When you are continually forced to move on to the next person, you aren’t able to fall into the same old routine of talking to the same person about the same things for the entire session.

As you constantly increase the number of people you are meeting, you are also increasing the odds that you will meet someone you are compatible with.

The same application holds true when shopping for real estate.

Don’t let House Hunters on HGTV fool you. You are probably not going to find the perfect home out of only three viewings.

The more houses you see, the better the odds that you will find one that is actually a good fit for your family.

First Impressions are Everything

Because of the limited amount of time that speed daters have to make a good impression, there is extra emphasis placed on those initial impressions of a person. You are going to decide right away whether a person is a good fit for you based on your first impression of them.

The same holds true when you are shopping for a house. Curb appeal is everything.

If a house grabs your attention the minute you notice it, you will find yourself making arguments on its behalf. If the house lacks curb appeal, you are far more likely to get bored and move on.

Think Long Term

While first impressions in speed dating are huge, you also have to keep in mind that the goal is to find someone who is a good match for a long-term relationship.

Good looks and a nice smile are not going to be enough to hold the relationship together ten years from now. You need something stronger than that initial attraction.

Curb appeal is a big deal when it comes to the first impression, but you also want a house that suits the needs of your family. The adorable front porch that you love is not going to mean a whole lot if you need four bedrooms and the house only has two.

Reset Your Expectations

Speed daters are prone to fall into the trap of comparing their “dates” to each other instead of assessing each person individually on their own merits. This can result in settling for less than you deserve because the person is a marginally better option than the others.

When you are shopping for a house, you also want to reset your expectations for each viewing. Don’t settle for the two-bedroom house with the porch. At the same time, don’t settle for the four-bedroom house with no porch either.

Set your expectations for what you want in a house. If you want a house with four bedrooms and a front porch, keep searching until you find one.

Don’t stop looking until you find something that will honestly work for your situation.

As you can see, there is actually quite a bit that both speed dating and shopping for a home have in common. Make sure to keep some these things in mind the next time you are out shopping for a house.

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