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How to Get Your Home Ready for Entertaining This Fall

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on October 19, 2015 at 7:38 AM

No matter where your home is located, fall is one of the most popular times to invite guests over to hang out and relax. In most parts of the country the weather fall-entertainingis starting to get a bit cooler, the local sports are starting to get a bit more serious, and just about everything is pumpkin flavored.

Entertaining throughout the fall is a lot like entertaining over the holidays, but you aren’t necessarily obligated to invite all the crazy relatives that just aggravate you anyways. Fall parties are for the friends and relatives that you actually want to spend time with, so you’ll definitely want to make sure your house is ready to host a great time!

Here are five of our favorite aspects of a great fall party that can make your home the perfect place to entertain this year!

Fall Decorations

The most important aspect of a great fall party is that it has to actually look like a fall party. That means having plenty of fall decorations. But relax, you won’t need to bust out the hot glue gun for this stuff.

Swing by your local farmers’ market and pick up some cornstalks and a bale of hay to put out front. Then grab a bunch of different sized pumpkins and place them as centerpieces on your tables. You can pretty much add a pumpkin to anything and it will feel more fall-appropriate!

The Big TV

Depending on where you are located and what sports teams are good this year, your fall party is almost certainly going to involve some type of sports activity. It might be the baseball playoffs, your favorite NFL team, or the local college team, but your guests are likely going to want to watch some type of big sporting event almost every weekend this fall.

Having a big TV mounted in just the right place is a great way to make sure that you are ready for the big game. And knowing ahead of time what channel that one obscure college game is on will be a big help too!

Warm Outdoor Spaces

As the weather cools, it gets harder and harder to stay outside. But we aren’t ready for winter just yet!

You can help to prolong the fall season by having some way to keep your guests warm while they are using your outdoor spaces. Two great options here are to either have one of those great outdoor heaters or a fire pit. Nothing screams “fall fest” like a bonfire and s’mores!

Pumpkin Flavored Beverages

In addition to all of the pumpkins you’ll be placing throughout your house, you’ll also want to invest in stocking up on some pumpkin flavored beverages. Three popular options that you will definitely want to have ready are pumpkin flavored coffee, pumpkin beer, and some type of pumpkin cocktail!

Spooky Surprises

One way to add a whole lot of fun to your fall entertaining is to have some type of secret up your sleeve that will spook your guests! Your local Halloween store will have plenty of good options for this that might include anything from creepy sounds to fake body parts.

Leaving a bloody hand sitting in the bathtub will definitely get a reaction from just about anyone who uses the bathroom. Just be careful not to go too far overboard and really scare your guests away!

While all of this fall entertaining stuff is great, at the root of any good party is good friends and family spending time together. Keep that in mind when planning your next big event and don’t stress the small stuff. Enjoy hosting your fall parties this year!


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