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How to Take the Headache Out of Real Estate Lead Management

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on August 26, 2014 at 10:19 AM

CRES_Glengarry_Glen_RossWhy are you beating your head against your desk trying to manage leads? Every agent should be happy they are getting plenty of prospects to call -- but who would’ve thought that getting too many leads would become a headache? At Carrington Real Estate, we realized the beginning of this problem when we started our national marketing campaign a few years ago. It didn’t take long before leads started piping in from all avenues (Google, Trulia, Zillow, and so on), leaving us with a childish sense of excitement for our team members. But we soon realized having all the leads in the world didn’t create closed deals.

Our agents needed organization. They needed tools to manage their leads. If they couldn’t keep track of where a buyer was at in the sales cycle, how would they know to call them now or put them on a email drip campaign for later follow-up? After seeing the obstacles and challenges our agents faced during those initial marketing campaigns, we set ourselves to a new campaign: Lead Management.

Here is how we took the headache out of real estate lead management:

We Adopted a Strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

If you want to avoid headaches, make sure you have everything all in one place. Don’t force your agents to commit to one tool while giving them another to use for a similar task. Leads need to managed in one system. It makes training easier. It allows agents to utilize all the tools they need in one area. And more importantly, it creates efficiency. This is why we partnered with BoomTown. Together, we developed the Carrington Digital Network whose goal was to solve the inherent challenges of lead management and defragment the varying MLS landscape across the country.


For example, let’s take a look at the traditional MLS Hot Sheet. Typically, these daily updates would include information on new listings, listing price changes, and contract changes. But with dozens of these elements changing daily, it got hard to manage effectively. With our new CRM, our agents have access to a more user-friendly version of the “hot sheet,” which allows them to instantly identify leads interested in each listing. The system automatically finds the most qualified leads for the listing and allows our agents to act on those opportunities first. Essentially, we reduce the amount of time our agents spend trying to match a buyer with a property and present an opportunity before our competition can. No headaches = closed deals.

We Hand-Picked Tools Our Agents Needed

If you want to begin organizing your lead management, you need to select the right set of tools for the job -- just like any repairman would. In the real estate industry, leads are fickle. At one point, they may just be window shopping for homes, while in a couple weeks they could become “hot” leads that need proactive outreach. To stay on top of these scenarios, we hand picked an array of tools to help us manage this side of the business.


One of the best features that has helped us organize our leads is BoomTown’s Opportunity Wall. On any given day our agents have properties to show clients, questions to answer, contracts to orchestrate, and closings to attend. We’re busy doing business and there’s little time to sort through all the leads incoming each and every day. With the Opportunity Wall, our agents can see where the top opportunities are. They can instantly get their contact information to reach out proactively. And the best part is that it’s mobile. You can see which opportunities are available between showings or appointments. You can spend your downtime sifting through which leads will be the best use of your time. By having a tool that delivers which leads we should engage in, it cuts our time sorting through them and creates more time to spend with actual clients.

Are You Tired of Having Headaches with Lead Management?

Effective lead management starts with organization and the proper set of tools. With a central hub (like the Carrington Digital Network) you can create a streamlined channel for your agents to work on incoming leads. With the right tools, you can provide your agents with the best information they need, so they don’t have to spend hours doing the legwork.

If you’d like to see how Carrington Real Estate eliminates headaches from lead management yourself, see what opportunities lie at an office near you. Learn more about career opportunities with us by visiting our Join Page or by clicking the button below:

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