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How to Use Open Houses to Get More Leads and Build Your Network

Posted by Cindy Davis on February 26, 2016 at 1:27 PM

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Leads_from_Open_Houses.jpgThe goal of any open house is to promote, show, and ultimately sell the listing. But finding good prospects for that particular property isn’t the only positive outcome that can happen at an open house.

No matter how great any one listing might seem to you, there will be plenty of people attending the open house that it just isn’t a good fit for. Your job as a real estate agent is to recognize when a listing doesn’t meet the needs of a potential client and switch gears into telling them about other properties you know of that might be a better fit.

In addition to finding sellers for the properties they are showing, the best agents also utilize open houses to expand their client lists and make connections with both buyers and sellers that would be better suited for a different property.

Here are some simple ways to approach your next open house to ensure that you are going to create more leads for your business and build your network.

Be the Focal Point of the Event

There are two types of agents when it comes to open houses. There are agents that are active, mobile, and conversational, and then there are agents that sit at the kitchen table and wait for the perfect client to find them. Guess which one generates more leads at the typical open house?

You are perfectly within your rights to sit back and let the house be the primary focus. But when you present yourself as the focal point and the person with all the answers (or the ability to find them), you will be demonstrating tremendous value to everyone you meet at the open house.

Master Your Social Skills

In order to be the focal point of the event, you need to be skillful in how you interact with anyone who finds their way into your open house. Practicing your social skills and studying from experts can go a long way towards making sure that you stay on the right side of the line between impressive and pushy.

Promote the Open House to Promote You

Another great way to build your personal brand through an open house is to remember that any promotions you do for the open house can be just as much about you and your brand as the particular house you are showing.

This can be especially true with all of your social media marketing to promote the open house. It doesn’t have to be just another open house. It can be a “Your-Name-Here Open House.”

Make Opting Into Your List Easy

Even if you make a tremendous impression on potential clients visiting your open house, if you have no way to follow-up with them, you’re no further along than when you started.

To combat this, you need to make it as easy as possible for open house visitors to join your email list.

Let people join your email list from a tablet or laptop right at the open houses and you will completely avoid having to rely on them to remember to go to your website and join when they get home, which probably isn’t going to happen anyway.

Create Value Through Better Marketing

Just about every open house you have ever been to has the standard MLS printout and a bunch of the listing agent’s business cards.

But how many have also included a custom written report that breaks down the local real estate market in plain English instead of banker’s language?

If you are capable of writing and publishing that report, you can use it to add value to all of your open houses.

Writing not your specialty? Outsource it to someone who can and it will be well worth the expense.

Show potential clients that you’re not like all of the other agents they meet at open houses, and they’ll be more inclined to hire you as their agent.

The primary goal of every open house is always going to be to promote, show, and sell that listing. But if you think that is the only potential benefit to your business, you are really missing the boat on tons of great leads that can build your list and grow your business.

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