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Imagine Looking for a Home and Loving Every Minute of It

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on September 2, 2014 at 9:03 AM


Carrington Real Estate takes the stress of house hunting and turns it into a modern experience worth celebrating. Working hard for your satisfaction is Carrington’s number one objective. From initial searches to finalized home transfers, each step along the home-owning path is streamlined, detailed, and organized for your convenience and peace of mind.


Take a Deep Breath.

Simplified searches begin on the home page. Enter the name or zip code of your desired city, and arrive at only those listings that qualify. Need a certain number of bedrooms, bathrooms, or square footage? No problem! The toolbar located across the upper screen provides a checklist for selecting your desired property features. Narrow down price ranges or the year of construction to fit within your dream purchase specifications. 

Use Our Free Features.

Create a free account to save interesting properties for further exploration. Saved Searches are connected to the e-Alerts tool, which gives you access to updated information or price changes. Another feature, the Favorites tool, offers a convenient way to emphasize your top preferences. Why bother scrolling through your search history when all you need to do is click one button? The Favorites button gives you instant access to property adjustments and additional information when you need it.

Read the Details

Each property listing provides the full address as well as neighborhood or community location. If your selection falls short of your specifications, click the highlighted text to check other listings within that same neighborhood. You may find your perfect abode just down the street! The full details offer a breakdown of all interior, exterior, and property features. Room dimensions, roof construction, available utilities, and previous property taxes are just some of the fine details worth noting. Carrington is committed to providing you with the quality care and consideration you deserve. 

Make Sure Your Dream Home is for Real

Once you have scrolled through all the information and admired the high-quality photographs, contact your local real estate agent to view the property. Use the Request a Showing tool or Let’s Go See It, and enter your availability and contact information. Remember to Print a Flyer of the property to refer to during the tour. 

Visualize Not-so-sticky Financial Situations

Homeowners interested in calculating mortgage payments no longer need to search for supplemental assistance. Carrington provides you with a handy Payment Calculator that can be tailored to your unique financial situation. Enter all required data, and view the tabulated approximate monthly payment within seconds.

Check Out the City

Additional features of the website are the community and city guides associated with your chosen property. These detailed guides supply you with area information, places of interest, local architectural styles, featured neighborhoods, school availability and workforce considerations. Use these guides to get acquainted with the local region, and eliminate any fear of new-resident discomfort.

The Carrington Real Estate family has services designed for a complete, personalized experience. A free e-book offers helpful information and steps to buying a new home. Need additional information? Describe your preferred housing features, and let Carrington agents assist you every step of the way.

Modern convenience thrives at Carrington Real Estate Services. Extensive property and surrounding community features are provided for each listing to ensure a full shopping experience. Hunting for a new house should never be inconvenient or frustrating. Trust Carrington Real Estate Services for all your home buying concerns. Contact your local agent for more information or to schedule a property tour. 


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