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Keep Your Trick or Treaters Safe Tonight!

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on October 31, 2016 at 3:33 PM

Halloween is a favorite holiday for all ages of children. Kids love to run around their neighborhoods, dressed up as their favorite superhero, zombie, or celebrity and knock on strangers doors with their friends to get candy. What could be better?

Halloween-Safety.jpgUnfortunately, we live in a world that still has it's every day dangers even on this fun holiday. Because of that we wanted to give parents some piece of mind and share with them our favorite applications that are designed to keep your kids safe tonight as well as any other night.

A lot of these apps require a phone so if your child isn't old enough to have his or her own phone yet, it's always smart to throw one of your phones in their candy bag if they are prone to running away from you throughout the night.

#1 Life360 - Get this App (iOS / Android)

This app is a hassle-free geo-location app that automatically downloads your child's location based on the phone they have with them. The private map feature and emergency signaling are perfect for your tween who wants to have fun away from you with his/her friends but also gives you the security of knowing exactly where they are along with the added benefit of them having an emergency button just in case something goes wrong. This application does not have to be open to work so it's perfect to just install, set it up, slip it into your child's candy bag and have the security of knowing where they are throughout the night. You can also create favorite locations so when your child arrives at your neighbor's house or friend's house you will be notified and can check in with that family to make sure everything is going well. This app is free but we do recommend having a fully charged battery on the phone you install this onto as it will drain a battery faster than most applications.

#2 iStrobe (or some kind of Strobe Light application) - Get this App (iOS - Android)

When children are walking around on Halloween, especially in a busy area, they are more prone to run in the streets without thinking of the consequences. Unfortunately, dressing up as Superman or Superwoman does not mean you can stop a car that is speeding around town and not paying attention. Because of this we always like to make sure that we have a strobe flashlight either turned on on the phone or purchase a clip on one ahead of time. This helps cars notice children sooner and hopefully stop any kind of catastrophic accident.

#3 FBI Child ID - Get this App (iOS - Android)

We hope you never have to use this application but just in case your child goes missing on any night this is the perfect application to have on your phone and constantly updated. This application allows you to send photos as well as child records to the police immediately at the push of a button. This is a great application for any parent because any moment away from your child when they are lost is absolutely crucial. Again, we hope you never have to use this application.

If you know of any other great applications for Halloween night, feel free to share them in the comments below so other parents can benefit from them!


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