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Kickoff: How to Throw the Best Football Parties (at Your House)

Posted by Trey Teichelman on September 1, 2015 at 12:52 PM

Football season is right around the corner!

how-to-throw-football-partyWhether we are talking about watching your favorite college team on a Saturday afternoon, your favorite NFL team on Sunday, or whatever teams are playing in prime time on Monday night, everyone wants to be known for throwing the best football parties!

Years ago, a bag of chips and a case of beer was good enough to impress any of your friends and family that showed up on game day. But the stakes have been raised in recent years, so you need to put in some serious effort to host a truly spectacular football party.

That doesn’t mean that it can’t be done though! Let’s walk through each of the most important aspects of a great football party.

Pregame Tailgate Activities

Nobody likes to be the guy that shows up right at kickoff and then spends the entire first quarter getting situated. In order to make sure that doesn’t happen at your party, plan out a few pregame activities so that everyone can show up early and get comfortable well ahead of game time.

Games like cornhole are perfect for giving your party a true tailgate atmosphere leading up to kickoff.

Velvet Rope Policy

One way to really push the envelope is to mail out tickets as invitations to your party ahead of time. Then, you can require those tickets in order to gain admission into your home on game day.

You can get these types of tickets printed for a very reasonable price from many different online vendors. If you want to really push it, you might even consider having someone dress as an usher and escort your guests to their seats.

Creative Food Selections

The game might be the focal point of the party, but nothing compliments a football game like a creative food menu. Standard items like nachos and chili are a great start, but the best football parties add another element to their menus!

One great idea is to feature menu items that are unique to the team that your team is playing against on any given weekend. This could mean BBQ Ribs when playing the Kansas City Chiefs, Cheesesteaks for when the Philadelphia Eagles come to town, or Tex-Mex options when your team heads to Arizona.

Beyond the Standard Drinks

Every good football party needs the basic drink selection, so you’ll want to be sure to stock up on water, soft drinks, and some of the standard domestic beers. But when you are ready to step up your game, you can run with the same idea as the food.

Just about every great football town also has a unique craft brewery that they are known for. In addition to that, you can also relate a unique cocktail to just about any city your team might be playing.

Feel free to mix this up each week, but you might consider Sam Adams Boston Lager for when the New England Patriots come to town or mixing up some Manhattans and Cosmopolitans when your team heads to New York City.

Designated Football Room

Another trademark of a great football party is a specific room in the house that is designated for watching the big game. Truly obsessed fans are known for painting their football rooms in their team colors, buying furniture that includes their team logo, and of course, having a huge big screen TV to watch the game on.

If you want to take your ticket/invitation idea a step further, you can also set up assigned seating in your football room that corresponds to the tickets. But be careful that your guests don’t start scalping tickets in the parking lot!

Post-Game Press Conference

No one likes to go straight home after the game, so why not hold a press conference to close out your football party?

Have the biggest football fans in your crowd take turns sitting at the head of the room and fielding questions from your guests about how the game played out. This will give everyone time to decompress either from celebrating or throwing things.

Some of these ideas might sound a bit over-the-top to non-football fans, but true football junkies have likely already implemented many of these ideas on their own. Combining them all together will make sure that you have a sleeper hold on the title of best football party in your circle of family and friends.

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