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March Madness in Real Estate: Gearing Up for the Selling Season

Posted by Linda Scarberry on March 24, 2015 at 3:46 PM

march-madness-real-estateThis is the best time of year to be a college basketball fan! This last weekend the top teams in the country squared off against each other, busting most brackets in the process, all while entertaining sports fans all across the country.

For many people, March Madness signals the official start of spring. For real estate agents, that signal means it is time to get to work!

According to Realtor.com, 50% of homes are sold during the summer season. But the agents that are taking home big commission checks during that summer selling season are getting started way before school lets out for the year.

Agents that succeed during the summer months are the ones who start preparing in the spring. If you are looking to be one of those agents this summer, here are nine areas where you can improve your business during this year’s March Madness tournament:

Update Your Headshot

People want to work with an agent that they feel they can trust. Using a headshot from when you broke into the business 20 years ago is one of the most foolish ways to violate that trust.

You can get fresh headshots taken for less than $100 at any photo studio in your local mall. Don’t worry about looking older. Age is equivalent to experience in the real estate market.

Get Your Database In Order

When was the last time you updated your client database? If you’re like most agents, it’s been on the back burner all winter.

Out-of-date client information isn’t going to help you be this summer’s star agent, so make sure you update all of your client information right away.

Review Your Advertising Expenses

Most of the advertising opportunities that real estate agent participate in are easy to set and forget. Now is a good time to review those agreements and determine what types of advertising opportunities are giving you the most return on your investment.

Review the Market

Another common trap that many agents fall into is failing to keep themselves up-to-date with changes in their local markets. Spring is a perfect time to review all of the current listing and recent sales in your community so that you can better judge the value of your own listings.

Network with Related Professionals

Touching base with all of the related professionals that you recommend like lenders, closing companies, and insurance agents is a good way to ensure that they are still recommending you as well. Simply dropping by their offices and saying hi can go a long way, but buying them lunch will make sure they remember you!

Clear Your Personal Schedule

If you are expecting this summer to be your busiest season yet, you are going to want to prepare for that this spring by clearing as many personal projects off your schedule as possible before business starts to pick up.

Get Your Listings Ready

Any current listings you have will also be more likely to sell as the temperatures warm up, but not if they are still covered in dust and dirt from the winter months! Get your sellers excited about the spring and summer seasons and encourage them to get a jump-start on spring-cleaning projects!

Improve Curb Appeal

Once you get the spring-cleaning completed, the next step is to work on improving curb appeal! Spring is the perfect time of year to encourage your sellers to upgrade their homes with fresh paint or extra effort on their landscaping.

Upgrade Your Camera Skills

The majority of people who look at your listings are going to do so through the various real estate websites that use your photos. That means you should be taking the best photos you can possibly take.

Spring is a great time to pick up a more advanced camera, or to take a class on how to better use the camera you already have!

With a little bit of extra planning and preparation during this year’s March Madness tournament, you are going to be ready to hit the ground running when those spring and summer sales start coming through. Get ready to have your best season ever!

Source for the 50% stat in the opening section: http://www.realtor.com/advice/best-season-sell-home/

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