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Six Ways to Show Your Clients How Much You Appreciate Them This Summer

Posted by Suzanne Drace on May 1, 2017 at 3:07 PM

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One of the best sources for new business in the real estate world is referrals that are generated by satisfied customers. And one of the best ways to increase the chances that your clients think to recommend you is to make sure that they realize how much you appreciate their business.

Most successful real estate agents have covered the basics of providing a good experience for their clients, but taking that experience to the next level can dramatically increase the number of referrals and repeat business that you are going to see from those clients.

Let's dive in and check out six brilliant ideas to show your clients just how much you appreciate them this summer.

The VIP Non-Holiday BBQ

Client-Appreciation.jpgEveryone loves a good cookout, but most everyone already has plans for spending time with friends and family on the big holidays like Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, and Labor Day.

You can capitalize on the social power of a holiday cookout on any non-holiday weekend throughout the summer. This will give you the perfect opportunity to remind your best clients how much you appreciate their business.

Host a Local Happy Hour

Grabbing a couple of drinks and a bite to eat after work ranks right up there with a cookout in terms of social engagement. If you can work out a deal with a local bar or restaurant to host a client happy hour where you pick up the tab, your customers won't soon forget the experience.

Everyone Loves Pizza

Pizza is such an excellent tool for showing appreciation that it could be used in just about every idea in this article. Showing up on moving day with a few large pizzas from your favorite local spot is the perfect way to show clients how much you appreciate their recent business. Another very good idea is to show up at local events with a few pizzas and just start passing out slices!

Become Their Customer

Many local business owners pay close attention to who spends money at their business, and they will go out of their way to make sure that they reciprocate in kind when they have the opportunity.

You should absolutely be doing the same for your clients. Becoming their regular customers will naturally strengthen your relationship and increase the number of referrals coming your way.

Send a Cleaning Crew

Whether we are talking about buyers or sellers, no one wants to spend their free time cleaning during the summer months. If you can partner with a local cleaning company to give you a deal on cleaning the homes of your recent clients during the summer, your gesture will be the talk of every summer get together they attend.

Send a Unique Gift

Giving the buyers and sellers a small gift at the closing table is extremely common in the real estate business, but sending them a unique gift such as an artist rendering or professional photograph of their new home is not nearly as common. This is an excellent way to combine their recent experience with you into something that will hang in their home for years to come.

A real estate agent is only as good as their last referral, so making a point to ensure that all of your recent clients are going to be sending those referrals your way is critically important. Use these ideas to show them your appreciation, and the referrals will start flowing your way.

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