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Take a Virtual Reality Walk Through this $23 Million San Diego Home

Posted by Dixie Courtney on August 30, 2016 at 12:34 PM

Rancho_El_Secreto-1.jpgSan Diego is such a beautiful city. It is home to fabulous beaches, picturesque hiking trails, and some amazing local attractions. But hidden within all of the beauty is a $23 Million home that might be better than all of those things. This ranch style home is nestled inside of the luxurious community of Rancho Santa Fe and is definitely more than meets the eye. Because the typical photos don't do the home justice, we thought it would be perfect to give everybody the opportunity to walk through this property; virtually. 

Experience what it is like to live inside one of the most expensive homes currently for sale in San Diego County but price isn't everything. This house truly feels like a home. With the cozy bedrooms, an expansive dining room, and reading nooks, it is easy to feel the love that has been present in this house.

While it might be a lot of home to go through you we highly encourage any sports fans and wine lovers to take a look at the lower level portion of the house. There you will find a gorgeous sports bar that opens up the cabanas and pools and you will also find a hidden wine cellar on that floor as well. Perfect for the football fans who also love a good Merlot while kicking back and watching the game. 

Aside from the sports, the master bathroom has to be our favorite part of this home. The bathtub is absolutely gorgeous with views of the luscious landscapes as well as those San Diego sunsets. Step out of that relaxing bath and you have one of the largest wrap around closets you can step into. If you can't fit all of your clothes in this closet you might have a shopping problem; which is not a bad problem to have.

What do you think, is it time to take the tour for yourself? Walk through this beautiful home below and tell us what's your favorite part of the home!

This home is stunning right?! Aside from the virtual reality tour of this beautiful Rancho Santa Fe estate are some other gorgeous features of this home. We couldn't pack everything into the tour so you still have to check out the amazing state of the art stable that features 6 stall each with their own corral. But, that's not even our favorite part of the stables. Tucked inside of the stables is a retro saloon. Perfect for the horse enthusiast who wants to take a time machine back into the old days.

Aside from the stables there are so many features of this home to list that frankly you would just have to see the rest of the home to believe it. Feel free to visit the full property details and see all of the photos here. If you have any questions on this property or need any assistance feel free to contact our stellar agents Mary Russo Andrews (858-232-8433) and Christel Carlyle (858-774-3025). These are the two listing agents for this immaculate property and we are so happy to have them apart of Team Carrington!


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