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Using Technology to Increase Your Home’s “WOW Factor”

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on May 27, 2015 at 4:18 PM

Technology is rapidly changing just about every aspect of our daily lives. We have smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars, and even smart houses. There is almost nothing left that hasn’t been improved by modern technology.smart-thermostat

Now that many millennials have become established members of the workforce, they are also out buying houses. In addition to the features that everyone else is looking for, these homebuyers want their homes to have the type of technology features that add a certain ”WOW factor” that will impress their friends and relatives.

Fortunately, many of the most popular features that these new smart homes offer can be retro-fitted to just about any house with a Wi-Fi connection…and they can actually be implemented with minimal work and expense!

Here are some of the most popular smart home features that you might want to consider to increase the “WOW factor” in your home:

Smart Thermostat

Way back when the first programmable thermostats hit the market, they were considered to be pretty advanced technology. Today, you can buy a thermostat that syncs right up to your home’s Wi-Fi and can then be controlled from your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Took off for work in a hurry and realize you forgot to turn the heat down? No problem, just pull out your phone and hit a button. That is the power of modern technology.

This is also the type of technology that homebuyers today are looking for. The foundation of any smart home revolves around the smart thermostat. Fortunately, you can replace your thermostat with one of these models without having to replace the entire HVAC unit.

Remote Lighting & Blinds

Another feature that many smart homes offer is the ability to control lights and blinds in your home from your smart phone. This might sound awfully lazy if your first thought is to use these features from the couch, but they can come in handy if you are not at home and want to give off the appearance that you are!

If you are retrofitting an older house, you can buy plug adapters that control the power for lamps that will work with your Wi-Fi and smartphone.

Home Entertainment

It used to be that built-in speakers were the sign of a great sound system that added value to a home. Today, we would much prefer those speakers to be wireless so we can move and arrange them however we see fit.

The home entertainment center also functions as the hub of the smart home. If you don’t have a wall mounted TV, that is a good place to start. An optimal setup would have the TV able to display settings for and also control all of the other smart features of the home.


Speaking of the TV, you might also want to enable it to show you the video feeds from any surveillance cameras set up around the house. These cameras are getting cheaper every year and are actually pretty easy to install now that they can be wireless.

Surveillance options cover a wide range of possibilities. You might want exterior cameras to watch for burglars, or you might be more concerned with watching the baby sleep. Either way, having the option to watch from a smart phone is a huge plus for many homebuyers.

Other Tech Features

One of the biggest problems that many people have with technology is that their devices always seem to need charged. This is a great way to impress potential buyers because you can install USB chargers in convenient plugs, or even have plugs built right into drawers that are likely to be used for storing electronics.

An interesting technology feature for pet lovers is the electronic doggie door. These models recognize a sensor in your dog’s collar and only open the door when Fido is close. Of course, your buyers would have to be pet owners to appreciate this, but if they are it might be the deciding factor!

Getting Started

If you are looking to get started with retrofitting your home with smart technology, two great starting places are Apple’s HomeKit and the Iris Smart Kit, which is available at most Lowes stores. Both feature starter kits that contain many of the basic options we talked about.

As with any feature you might consider adding to your house, smart technology is going to be valued differently by just about everyone who looks at your home. For that reason, you shouldn’t go overboard on the features, but having a few that your agent can point out might swing the right person just enough to make an offer!

Your local Carrington Real Estate Services agent can help fill you in on the technology features buyers in your market are looking for. Get in touch with an agent today!

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