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Utilizing the Internet to Maximize Your Real Estate Brand

Posted by Cindy Davis on December 10, 2015 at 2:22 PM

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It’s hard to sell real estate when you’re stuck behind your computer spending all your time focusing on your marketing and your brand.Internet-Real-Estate-Brand.jpg

Most people require lots of time with the agent facilitating their purchase or sale before they commit, and as a real estate agent, you only earn your income when you’re out selling houses.

This is a face-to-face industry where the people with the best social skills usually dominate their local markets.

Fortunately, there are an incredible number of ways that agents can leverage other people’s time and expertise to build and grow their businesses today.

Sites like 99designs, Fiverr and Upwork (formerly called Elance – Odesk) have built entire businesses around the idea of connecting freelancers with people who are looking to pay for their services. Whether you need graphic design help, marketing help, video help, or social media help…these sites can connect you with people that are skilled in those areas and ready to assist.

If you are looking for graphic design and branding work 99designs.com is the place for you! This amazing site pairs graphic designers with small businesses who are looking to get beautiful cost-effective work done.

Fiverr.com is a website where specialists offer their service for most of the time as little as $5! This means you can get all kinds of marketing, branding, and tasks accomplished for only $5!

UpWork.com is more of a speciality site where freelancers charge their own rates for each different task. You can see their previous work, testimonials, as well as their level of expertise in each field. On this site you can also create a 'team' of freelancers who you consistently employ for reoccurring tasks!

As a real estate professional, utilizing these sites and freelancers is a perfect way to outsource many of the tasks that take your focus away from being out in the field with customers, without having to shoulder the cost of hiring a full-time assistant to handle things for you.

Here are ten ways that you can use one of these freelance websites to improve your business and maximize your brand while you are out meeting with clients:

Logo Design

Maximizing your brand all starts with actually having a brand. For most agents, that starts with having a professional logo that you can use on all of your printed and online sales materials.

While logo design is probably one of the most popular “gig” requests on sites like 99designs, Fiverr and Upwork, one of our other favorite sites to visit for this particular brand goal is LogoArena.com.

LogoArena.com is similar to 99designs.com in that you receive multiple offers from graphic designers from all over the world. The reason we like this website is because you have the opportunity to set your budget, pick logos in the industry you like, colors, etc. all before the logo designs start coming in. From there you have the opportunity to rank the designs, offer your opinion, and get revisions. Once you are finished, the winner out of all of the graphic designers gets paid for their work based on your budget and you get all of the files for your business!

Business Cards

Once you have a great custom logo designed, you are definitely going to want to get some new business cards printed using your new logo. Having an expert custom design those cards for you can really help you separate yourself from every other card in a potential client’s desk drawer. This is where we really like 99designs.com. The business card designs their designers come up with are fabulous and are sure to set your business apart.

Graphic Design

There is a huge difference between the skills a professional designer can bring to the table and the little bit of Photoshop knowledge you might have. If you are working on new graphics for your Facebook header image or your personal website, investing in a good designer is a great idea.

Depending on your budget for each graphic design need is where you can choose from paying $5 on Fiverr.com and paying more for designers on 99Designs.com

Content Creation

According to most search engine experts, the best way to get noticed by Google is to have lots of great content on your website. You might not have time to write any of that content yourself, but you might be surprised how well some of the freelance writers on Upwork.com can do it for you.

A lot of the designer on UpWork.com have previous experience in numerous industries including the real estate world. Also, remember when we talked about you can hire a consistent 'team' of freelancers? On UpWork.com you can delegate this content creation role to a specialist for as long as you see fit!


One of the easiest ways to get a ton of positive impact on social media these days is by sharing awesome infographics. Rather than mess around with sharing someone else’s infographics, hire a designer to create your own and direct that traffic to your own site!

Video Editing & Voiceovers

One of the hottest trends in local real estate marketing right now is video walkthroughs. If you send your basic video walkthrough to a good video editor and voiceover actor, you will be blown away at the difference their production skills can add to the finished product.

For a great example of what these sites can do, check out the video, graphics, and voiceovers our RVP Russ Laggan was able to put together to the right!

Ebook Editing & Design

Publishing an ebook is a great way to promote yourself as an expert in your local area. Whether you write the content of the book yourself or not, having an expert edit and design the book for you can really give it a polished, professional look.

House Flyers

Still the staple of every open house, there is no denying the power of a good house flyer. And like most of the things on this list, working with a professional designer to dial up your flyers can produce real results in terms of getting people to make offers on your listings.

Social Media Management

How many times have you finished up an open house only to realize that you forgot to promote it on Facebook or Twitter?

The solution to this problem is simple: hire a freelance social media expert to make sure that you are actively promoting each and every one of your listings at the appropriate times.

Email List Management

Right up there with forgetting to tweet about an open house is forgetting to send anything to your email list for months at a time. This one also has an easy fix: hire someone to manage your email list and make sure that newsletters go out regularly.

As you can see, we are just barely scratching the surface of all the things that you can sub out to online freelancers through sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

Be warned that it may take some time for the freelancers you hire to get on the same page as you. The key is to start slow and then gradually expand the amount of work you pass along to them as you become more accustomed to each other.

Just take it one project at a time and enjoy the results!

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