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Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier for the Real Estate Industry

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on August 1, 2016 at 1:30 PM

What is Virtual Reality or VR for short? Simply put virtual reality is an environment captured or created and brought to life so that users can feel and interact with the surroundings without physically having to be in that specific area. Virtual reality doesn't technically have to include putting on a headset but could also be presented on your mobile, tablet, television or computer.

Virtual_Reality_Real_Estate.jpgVirtual Reality has been used in many applications including training scenarios, video games, and even used as an exploration tool. But imagine if you could take this exact technology and use it to help people with one of the largest purchases they are ever going to make? Now you can thanks to Virtual Reality making it's way into the real estate world!

Thanks to programs like Matterport, buyers now have the opportunity to walk through a home that is currently on the market without actually having to leave the comfort of their own home. This means that they are able to digitally walk through a property and see every nook and cranny of the home they are interested in.

Now there has been professional listing photography that helps consumers imagine what the home looks like without having to step foot inside the home and those are great but what Virtual Reality and Matterport specifically do is allow the user to control what they are seeing. This means that the photographer doesn't have the opportunity to use wide angle lenses, proper lighting, as well as the best angles to make you believe the home is better than it is. Because of that, and thanks to virtual reality, the buyer isn't wasting their time as well as their Realtors® time looking at a home just to be disappointed once arriving at the property. If they walk through the virtual reality tour of the property and still love it chances are they are going to love it in person as well.

How Does VR Help Your Listing Standout?

In a crowded market full of thousands of listings, as a Realtor getting a listing to standout is one of the biggest things you want to be able to offer your clients. What if we told you thanks to the recent emergence as well as just the fun factor alone potential buyers are staying on to look at Virtual Reality Tour properties over 300% longer than the average listing? Makes properties utilizing Matterport and Virtual Reality a real game changer.

Virtual Reality & The Luxury Market

Matterport and Virtual Reality help cater to the luxury market in a big way. Because of the busy schedules associated with most buyers in the luxury market, it is often difficult for Realtors® to get buyers into numerous homes to find that perfect home for that specific family. Thanks to virtual reality an agent can now send these homes via email to the potential buyers and those buyers can walk through the property at their convenience instead of having to take time out of their busy schedules. From there an agent can find out exactly what the buyer loves and hates with that specific property and how to move forward with it. 

Virtual Reality & The Investor Market

This is the fun part. Agents working with investors LOVE Matterport and virtual reality properties. Being able to send an investor who is in another state, another city, or even in another country has been the true genius behind Virtual Reality. Investors are now searching for homes featuring Matterport and Virtual Reality tours so they know exactly what they are investing in. Condos, Townhomes, multi-units, and single family homes have all had investor offers presented thanks to Virtual Reality giving everybody a complete look at properties. 

Matterport & Carrington Real Estate Services

We believe this great program can help not only the properties of our agents standout on their local MLS but it can also help our agents standout when going on listing presentations. Because of this we have deicded to pilot a new program in San Diego where we are putting together these Matterport tours, free of cost, for all of our Carrington properties. This is a brand new program and eventually we hope to roll it out to as many cities as possible.

This means that right now San Diego agents who are located in our Downtown San Diego, Del Mar, Carlsbad, or Escondido office have the unique opportunity to completely astonish their sellers with one of the most innovative marketing tools currently on the market. This is available to our current agents as well as agents that join #teamCarrington in the coming days. This also means that if you are currently looking to have your luxury home sold in the San Diego area nd you decide to partner with a Carrington agent your property will have one of these amazing virtual reality tours created for you.

Examples of These VR Matterport Tours

We know with all of this built up anticipation you want to see exactly how these virtual reality tours look and feel like to the consumers. Because of that we have a few local examples actually from our San Diego offices. The first example on top is an amazing luxury condo put on the market by one of our agents Cameron Abbott. The next example is a home in the Point Loma area where you can read a full write up on it here.


For more information on Virtual Reality Matterport Tours or to look into joining #teamCarrington feel free to email us at askmarketing@carringtonres.com!


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