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What Your Brokerage is Hiding From You

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on August 12, 2016 at 2:22 PM

For many new agents, the process of choosing a broker to work with is extremely simple: they just go with the first one that they meet with, or the one that offers to pay for them to get their license. But as you might expect, these agents are not always getting the best deal.

What-your-brokerage-is-hiding.jpgAs those agents learn and grow in the business, they quickly learn to place a much higher importance on how much their broker takes out of each one of their commission checks. At this point, the broker that allows them to keep the largest percentage of their commissions is usually the one they choose to work with.

But one of the things that many agents fail to consider is the amount of other essential benefits that the best brokers can offer.

At Carrington Real Estate Services, in addition to extremely competitive compensations packages for all of our agents, we also offer a number of services you won’t find at other brokerages that can help you continue to grow your business.

Here are six of our favorite benefits that we offer our agents:

Access to the Nation's Leading CRM Software

There are literally hundreds of different types of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software options to choose from on the market. Finding one that is the right fit for your business can make a huge impact, but it can also be a massive time suck.

At Carrington Real Estate Services, we have already vetted the best CRM software options and offer them to our agents in order to help maximize the relationships our agents develop over time.

After all of the time and research we decided to partner with Boomtown ROI because they give our agents everything in order to be successful. Not only does our CRM system allow you to stay up to date with all of your clients, it also allows you to obtain new and high quality leads.

Full Personal IDX Websites

Just about every broker offers their agents a personal website these days, but not all agent websites are created equal.

At Carrington Real Estate Services, we allow you to put together a fully customized site that has your own personalized URL, it is branded to you, gives you an easy to use to blog so you can talk about the local market, and utilizes IDX technology to display current listings right on your site.

With the power of an up to date IDX that has the local listings delivered directly to your website as well as a personal blog you can instantly become a local area expert and someone who is trusted both online as well as off for any neighborhood and home buying advice.

Dedicated Marketing Support Team

Another area where we set ourselves apart from other brokerages is with the marketing support team that we have in place.

We have a direct line where our agents can not only reach our marketing team with any of their questions but they can also reach out to us personally and get an immediate response from all over the country! We are blessed to have industry experts on staff who are print marketing experts, brand consultants, an digital marketing experts who are ready to assist you with any and all of your questions.

Does your current broker have people in-house that can assist you with telemarketing leads, social media prospecting, designing flyers, promoting your open houses, and ultimately just helping you spread your brand? We do!

Leaders & Mentors

As you gain experience in your local market, you will start to realize that many of the top agents in your community work out of the same few offices. On the other side of that coin, there are also brokers that are populated with lots of new agents, but not many experienced ones.

The absolute best way to learn and grow as an agent is to constantly be surrounded by the very best agents in your community. Getting yourself to a place where you are working alongside the best of the best could be more important to your career than any other benefit on this list, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Carrington Real Estate Services.

In addition to being surrounded by amazing agents, one of the biggest things we pride ourselved is the management staff we have put in place. The leaders of #teamCarrington are simply put tremendous. Most have been on the front lines of being a real estate agent and know how to be successful and know how to adapt their strategies to help grow your business. Along with being successful in the real estate industry they have also been trained by some of the industry's leaders. It's not rare to find our management team bumping elbows and utilizing the strategies of Tom Ferry, Brian Buffini, Mike Ferry, and other influential real estate coaches.

Extra Training Opportunities

The fact that many brokers are willing to pick up the tab for your initial licensing education is fantastic, but at Carrington Real Estate Services, we also give you plenty of options beyond that to educate and improve yourself.

If you aren’t working for a broker where agents are regularly attending seminars and taking online courses presented by industry leaders like our own EVP/Head of Operations Wendy Forsythe, who is considered one of the most influential people in real estate, you should be looking for a new partner.

Wendy not only speaks to our agents directly and on a first name basis but she also consistently writes and speaks on stage for some of the biggest real estate events across the country. This includes being in the spotlight for a large portion of the Inman events as well the Women's Council of Realtors just to name a couple.

Company Culture

All of these benefits are great, and so is getting a bigger cut of your commissions, but none of that is worth anything if you can’t stand going into the office every day.

That’s why the most important benefit you can find at any brokerage is always going to be having great people that you enjoy working with. We think you’ll find that at Carrington Real Estate Services.

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