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Why a Career in Real Estate Could Be Perfect for Millennials

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on March 10, 2016 at 12:50 PM

Millennial-real-estate.jpgA lot has been written recently about how the buying patterns and living choices of millennials are changing the face of real estate markets across the country.

But another interesting fact is that millennials are also going to work in the real estate business in droves.

If you are a millennial looking for a profession where you can work autonomously with virtually no limit on potential salary, becoming a real estate agent could be a perfect fit for you too!

Let’s break down some of the advantages that becoming a real estate agent offers millennials today.

Low Barriers To Entry

Let’s face it, most millennials are going to feel out of place if they decide to go back to school for an advanced degree at this point. But there is no degree requirement to become a real estate agent. You will actually be taking licensing classes with people from a wide range of ages, so you’ll never feel like a fish out of water.

Also, because of the way most real estate brokers are set up, there is typically no limit to the number of agents they are able to take on. That means you are pretty much guaranteed to find a broker willing to take you under their wing as you get started in the business.

Unlimited Earning Potential

One common problem that many millennials are struggling with is that they just aren’t able to earn the amount of money that they need to fund the lifestyle they want in today’s economy.

But with a career in real estate, where you are paid based on commissions, the only thing limiting the amount of money that you can earn is your willingness to work for it.

The saying goes that “real estate is the lowest paying easy work, and the highest paying hard work in the world”, and that’s certainly true. For those willing to put in the work, the sky’s the limit.

No Corporate Ladders

If you are tired of slugging through cubical work in today’s overly corporate workplace, becoming a real estate agent will be a welcome change of pace!

The real estate industry does not require you to climb the corporate ladder or deal with office politics just to get ahead. Since all of your compensation revolves around selling houses, you simply don’t have to concern yourself with promotions or middle management.

Time Freedom

Another thing that millennials hate about the corporate world is feeling trapped by their 9-5 schedules.In real estate however, there’s no set schedule. Agents work at whatever times are most convenient for them and their clients.

When you are working as a real estate agent, you are your own boss. That means that you get to make the call as to when is the best time to do your work and even where the best place is to get that work done!

Something New Everyday

Real estate agents also don’t have to worry about the monotony of doing the same exact thing at work every day.

There will always be new listings to evaluate, new clients to work with, and every single deal will present a unique set of challenges and circumstances to navigate and learn from.

Friends and Family

As a millennial, you likely have a number of friends and family members who are also millennials. At some point, they are likely going to be looking to either buy their first homes or upgrade into nicer ones.

As someone who is the same age, you will be in a unique position to acquire a number of other millennials as clients!

Becoming a real estate agent is a fantastic opportunity for anyone at any age. But when it comes to millennials, it might be a better opportunity than ever before.

If you are a millennial who would like the opportunity to be your own boss with unlimited earning potential, real estate could be the perfect career for you and we would love to talk! If you want to make the transition into real estate feel free to get in contact and find out more information here!

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