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Why Local Restaurants Are An Agent's Best Friend

Posted by Russ Laggan on July 26, 2017 at 12:15 PM

With today's real estate agents looking for every advantage they can get, one up-and-coming trend is for agents to frequent a specific local restaurant to develop a number of different opportunities. By organically cultivating a relationship with the people who work at your favorite restaurant, that restaurant can become a hub for all of your business activity and might eventually be a more productive workspace than your actual office.

Let's dive into this idea of developing a relationship with a local restaurant and break down some of the many advantages that might grow out of that relationship.

local-restaurant-real-estate.jpgYour Personal Meeting Place

The simple way to start cultivating a relationship with any local restaurant is to start scheduling business meetings there over lunch or dinner. After stopping in for meetings a few times each week over the course of a month or two, the employees and management will take notice that you are going out of your way to bring regular business their way.

The side benefit of holding all of your business meetings at a local restaurant is that the staff will go out of their way to accommodate you as they get to know you as a regular. This will have a powerful halo effect on the people you are meeting with, who are naturally going to see you in a more positive light because the staff treats you so well.

Networking Opportunities

As you become a regular at the restaurant, it will only be a matter of time before the staff makes an effort to learn who you are and what you do for a living. And as long as you aren't pushy about asking for referrals, it will only be a matter of time before they start flowing your way organically as the staff looks to take care of one of their best customers.

Assuming that your favorite local restaurant has a bar area, ordering a round for the bar is one of the cheapest ways to introduce yourself to a unique group of local residents. The key here, once again, is to disassociate the act of picking up a round of drinks with the expectation for more business. Just do it because it's a nice thing to do, and the business will naturally come back around in the long run.

Advertising Partnerships

Once you have established a solid working relationship with the employees and management at your favorite restaurant, you will naturally come across many different ways that you can work together to promote both businesses.

This could be as simple as you telling clients to eat there and them recommending you to customers, or it could be something more official like splitting the cost of printing magnets that display local sports team schedules with both of your logos on them.

Next Level Collaborations

Another great reason to develop a relationship with a local restaurant is that you can work together on special events that benefit both of your businesses. You could volunteer to host a real estate seminar at the restaurant to bring them more customers, and they might reciprocate by catering your next open house. There is no end to the possibilities once the relationship hits this level.

The ultimate goal with any mutually beneficial business relationship is for both parties to promote each other without even thinking about it. And as you develop that kind of relationship with the staff at your favorite local restaurant, they are naturally going to spread the word about you to everyone that walks through their doors each week.

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