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Your Broker Doesn't Want You to Read This

Posted by Carrington Real Estate Services on September 4, 2014 at 11:23 AM

Don’t expect to hear the typical “real estate pitch” in this blog post. Carrington Real Estate is taking a new approach to doing business, and it starts with what we’re offering our agents. For too long real estate agents have tried to mine leads from cold calling and traditional marketing methods. Even today, new brokerages are starting to talk about their shift to digital marketing efforts, but does it really benefit you?

Yes, stronger marketing campaigns produce more leads for you, but have you considered how you’ll manage them? Too often do we see agents spending countless hours sifting through leads only to find one gold nugget here and there. What you really need is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that will do the grunt work for you -- so you can focus on nurturing real relationships.

With our recent partnership with BoomTown and the implementation of our Carrington Digital Network, we have made ripples in the real estate industry. Agents (and brokers) are looking at how we’re utilizing more than a “new marketing campaign” to drive leads. They’re dialing in on how we’re managing them, i.e. how we’re using software to find perfect opportunities to convert one click into a closing appointment.

Here is what Carrington Real Estate provides its agents, and here is what your broker doesn’t want you to read:

1. You Get Access to a CRM System Powered by BoomTown


Every real estate brokerage has their own CRM, but very few can compete with the products and services a BoomTown platform can provide. With an array of tools to help present opportunities for turning leads into closed deals, you’ll definitely notice your work schedule becoming more effective.

2. You Get to Reap the Benefits of Carrington’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Carrington Real Estate is pulling out all the stops when it comes to our new marketing effort. We know that 92% of real estate shoppers use the internet as a source of information during the home buying and selling process. But we also know that with each generation, marketing trends shift. Buyers look for different things in a house than their grandparents. Sellers aren’t sure how to market to today’s buyer. By taking this into account, we’ve developed a marketing strategy that will target a growing lead pool that trusts us as their real estate brand.

3. You Get Your Own Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website


With Carrington Real Estate, you get a customized website that links straight to your name. It’s an easy tool to drive referrals to, so they can search homes for sale in your area. It also provides a medium for you to track their behavior and get insight into what they’re looking for. In addition, your website is mobile responsive, so anytime a lead wants to know information on the go, they can get it. Here is an example of an agent’s website with Carrington Real Estate: Click Here.

4. You Get to Use Proven Email Drip Campaigns

By joining Carrington Real Estate, you get access to a library of proven Smart-Drip email campaigns. You can choose email drips based on their success with open rates and response rates. You can even create custom templates to use and store for later use. And one of the best features of the email drips is that you can set them to trigger based on when a lead is categorized in a special area of the sales cycle. So basically, you can set everything on a timer, let it do its work, and reap all the rewards (all with minimal effort).

5. You Get the Chance to Join the Exclusive Lead Team


Higher quality leads are the one present every agent wants. Those who join the Lead Team at Carrington Real Estate get unique access to some of the best leads our marketing efforts produce, making your job easier at closing deals.

Keep Carrington Real Estate Your Secret

If you want set yourself apart from the competition, Carrington Real Estate is your next destination. We don’t want our agents spending countless hours trying to find the “golden” lead. We want them out in the field, conducting showings, and scheduling closing appointments. We’ll handle the grunt work while you nurture the relationships. See what it’s like to work at Carrington Real Estate and join us today!

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